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Can You Theoretically Build A Rocket From Hemp?

Written by Joe Powers

What does it take to build a rocket? Not just ANY rocket, like your average backyard hobby lobby rockets you’ve built pre-teen. But, REAL rockets that can take humans to the moon, Mars, and beyond! And if we are being specific, how do we build a rocket from hemp? Can it be done?!

Since the current theory says hemp has over 50,000+ industrial uses, how is it NOT possible to build a rocket from hemp?

As we dive into this investigation, we’ll be using our creative imagination to see if the logic holds. Our questions that can prove the validity of a potential rocket from hemp is as follows:

  • What specific materials does a NASA or Space X rocket use?
  • Can hemp be “molded” into all these different forms?
  • Even if we can craft a rocket from hemp, is the hemp fuel as powerful as rocket fuel?
  • What about the airtight space suits, transparent glass, electronics, and batteries?
  • What materials are NOT possible to create from hemp?

What parts will it take to manufacture a rocket from hemp?

Making a rocket requires a few basic items; structure, fuel, and electronics. Between these basic items are a LOT more parts. Without going into the millions of potential parts, let’s look at the basic materials.

Titanium or aluminum for the structure, kerosene & liquid oxygen as fuel, and everything needed for electronics. Now, the questions that begin to percolate are as follows.

  • Is hemp strong enough to provide a stable structure?
  • Can it produce a powerful enough fuel?
  • Can hemp conduct electricity and go on to build computers?

As it turns out, the word “strong” has several meaning. Hemp is stronger than steel by being able to hold more weight before it cracks. And hemp can “bend” and return to its normal position about six times better than steel, via certain tests. Other measurements of strength are here.

So far, hemp has the potential “strength” ability to form into a rocket shaped structure that “could” be strong enough to work. With proper R&D, hemp could have a hidden structure stronger than titanium. As of now, more investigation has to happen before making a firm statement.

Can hemp make a strong enough fuel to propel a rocket into space?

Since hemp can make an attractive bio-diesel, to operate your car, it could be possible to make rocket fuel. A “sustainable” and eco-friendly fuel. Once again, more real world research is necessary to measure how hemp could fuel a rocket. But, because hemp “is” a usable fuel, the theory must hold that it is possible to make rocket fuel from hemp.

What about the airtight space suits, transparent glass, electronics, and batteries?

Airtight spacesuits are a matter of proper layering and stitching. Modern space suits have many raw materials, including spandex, polyester, and Kevlar. Graphene can stop a bullet and conduct electricity.

Hemp makes a superior graphene thus, in theory, has the potential to create airtight space suits, conduct electricity, and make a superior battery.

Spacesuits and rockets need electronics and hemp graphene conducts electricity. It’s not a far stretch of the imagination to suggest hemp can produce all computer technology needed to launch humans into space.

Finally, hemp can make plastic that could have a transparent quality. With proper development, it could be possible to create a rocket from hemp. No just any rocket, an ecologically friendly and sustainable rocket made of hemp.

[Image credit- Pixabay]

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