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CBD For Pets: How CBD Could Cure Your Most Loved Ones

CBD for pets
Written by Corre Addam

For many pet owners, dogs and cats are a real part of the family, just like the kids. And just like any loving parent wants to give their kids the best things in life, the same applies for Rover and little Meg.

The Ways CBD Could Cure Your Pets

CBD’s success for human patients and animals depends on the proper dosage, and weight has the most bearing on dosage. For animals, the dosage must be adjusted to ensure that the tincture will be effective. Websites exist that recommend the use of medical cannabis CBD supplements and oils for animals for the following conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Digestive tract health and nausea
  • Anxiety and phobias
  • Joint pain, arthritis, and mobility issues
  • Pain and inflammation due to injury, illness, or age
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Aging
  • Overall wellness
  • Skin health
  • Allergies

What are the Side Effects of Medical Cannabis in Pets?

Medical cannabis products like low- or zero-THC CBD oil have very few noticeable effects in pets – the most severe might be drowsiness. In addition, cannabis toxicity as a result of pet consumption of cannabis edibles is nonfatal and causes no known long-term side effects. Due to the side effects of high-THC strains of cannabis on animals, to which dogs are highly sensitive, medical cannabis products like CBD oil which contain little to no THC are recommended for pets.

Administering high-THC cannabis products to a dog can result in THC overdose, or static ataxia. The cost of providing a constant stream of CBD oil or other CBD supplement for a pet per month is estimated at $20 to $40 per month in the U.S., which is comparable to a prescription drug for pain or anxiety.

  • Medical cannabis affects animals differently than humans
  • Medical cannabis companies for pets have little present quality control
  • Few professional pet care specialists can provide dosage guidance
  • Illegality of medical cannabis in places like the U.S. prevents research and funding

CBD for pets, according to many loving pet owners is a great way to help animals gain relief from pain, eating issues, digestive disorders and a whole array of other conditions. CBD also has the added benefit of helping pets live a happier, healthier life, and it’s 100% natural and holistic.

If you love your pets as much as we do, than you know that only the most trusted products are good enough for your “babies.” Take a look at our latest CBD deals for pets! 

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