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Report: U.S May Begin Preventing CBD Exports

Written by Ofer Shoshani

Is it permitted to export CBD (Cannabidiol) products from the U.S.? The answer to that question is… that it depends on the specific product itself.

A trusted resource has informed CBDTesters team directly that their attempt to export CBD isolates from the US has been blocked at the border. According to that source, the situation is only limited to CBD (Cannabidiol) isolates, so exporting CBD Oil under the label of “Hemp Oil” might still work, at least for the time being.

This is not to say that all CBD exports from the U.S. will be affected by this, but it could mean that some items will be stopped at customs before they can be exported.

From what we have learned so far, while trying to export CBD isolates, some exporters have been denied. They have been asked to bring official approval from the DEA, in the form of an export license, for their product or products.

As the legal status of CBD shipments, interstate or exported, is now ‘questionable’, this demand might be hard to fulfill. Now it’s up to the DEA, together with the relevant legal authorities in the US to decide whether or not to stop at isolates, or to block all CBD product exports completely.

If you personally have been prevented from exporting CBD from the U.S., or you know how it can be exported legally, then please reach out, our readers would be eternally thankful.

In the meantime, we are monitoring this situation closely and will update this article as and when new information becomes available.

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  • Hi – great article – any updates on this subject regarding exporting Hemp supplements from U.S. to Europe?

    • Isolates are just CBD they’ve extracted everything out but the CBD. Where the CBD oil is more of a full spectrum and has all the terpenes and all that other good stuff in it still. Isolates are white/clearish crystals that is also in a ehwhi powder sometimes.

  • Hello, i m also working at CANNAPRESSO CBD companny as sales manager.This morning i called US custom border protection ,LAX Export Department and they told me that CBD is completely prohibited and there is no way that we can export this product from US . The level of THC does not matter even if you have 100% pure CBD you will not be able to export until further notice or change .We received big orders from all over Europe but we do not have chance to export it for now .

  • As of a phone call I made this morning to the Ministry of health and customs New Zealand; the US does NOT allow for the export of ANY cannabis derived product used as medicine or for psychoactive purposes. So in NZ while CBD based products are legal (with a prescription) and can be imported by pharmacies and doctors, they cannot be imported from the US at all.

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