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Jetty Extracts ‘Cannabis Oil’ Actually Tastes Like Cannabis

Written by Joe Powers

What is it that Jetty did that was so special that deemed them worthy of such a fantastic award?

Voted winner of 2017 “Best Concentrate,” Jetty Extracts accepts this award void of shock. There’s no question as to why we won,” they casually mention on their blog. They knew they were winners and the reason was a very simple reason. Being the best involves actually doing the best job reasonably achievable. Those who have partaken of the Jetty nectar know the quality is unbeatable.

Jetty Extracts won Best Concentrate because their concentrates are 100% free of dangerous solvent. Not only that, they’re also 100% pure and free from unwanted additives. The don’t use nasty synthetic extraction fluid, such as butane. Jetty opposes butane and will not use it. 

The basic problem with the majority of vape companies is their incessant need to load it with terpenes. Terpenes are what give the cannabis oil its smell and flavor. The moment the cannabis community learned the word “terpene,” is the moment they all started loading the oil with flavored terpenes! Just about EVERY other vape pen brand, besides Jetty Extracts, are chalked full of smelly perfume flavored terpenes.

What is rather remarkable about Jetty Extracts is their vape concentrates actually taste like cannabis.

If you like the raw natural and “organic” flavor of cannabis, you will absolutely fall in love with Jetty, upon your first puff. Their Supercritical Fluid-Extraction (SFE) technology is what makes it possible for their vapes to taste like actual weed. 

With no additives, Jetty’s extraction method captures only the essential parts of the cannabis plant. As it captures the good raw cannabis flavors, it leaves the unwanted plant “gunk” behind. If you’re ready to upgrade to cannabis flavored vape pens, Jetty will be your winning product. Especially, Jetty’s “SFV OG” has the most cannabis like flavor.

And the final bit of remarkable news to come from Jetty is their Shelter From The Storm Project. What is incredible about this program is, if you’re a cancer patient, you get free cannabis oil at no cost. Simply visit their website, fill out a quick enrollment form, and you’re in! For every Jetty vape cartridge they sell, a cancer patient receives a free cannabis oil vape cartridge.

Image credit: JettyExtracts

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