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First Comprehensive Cannabis Commercial Lighting Competition

cannabis commercial lighting
Written by Joe Powers

When it comes to growing cannabis, it can be argued that nothing beats the power of natural sunlight.

Cannabis got its start by growing outside. Wouldn’t it make sense that it would have a better chance of thriving in natural sunlight? This may or may not be true, the point is, with the political climate, most grow operations get forced indoors. Since we have to grow cannabis inside, shouldn’t we be attempting to make cannabis commercial lighting better and better?

This is exactly what Cannabis Commercial Lighting lighting companies all around the world are doing. A third party, independent researcher, decided to conduct a little competition. This competition studied and evaluated the photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD). The PPFD means it measures the amount of light gets to the plant and how much it “sees” and absorbs.

Of the six cannabis Cannabis Commercial Lighting competitors, there was a clear winner. The winning lighting company, Solis Tek All-In-One A1 fixture produced the best light. It had the most intense light, most consistent footprint and best output. (Image Of Light Graph Competitors Stats)

What’s special about Solis grow lights is how they solve the common “hot spot” problem with most (HID) lights. Most (HID) High-Intensity Discharge lights produce VERY hot light spots. The hot light spots are like how you can burn ants with a magnifier glass. Not good for the plants.

By solving this “hot spot” problem, Cannabis Commercial Lighting Solis Tek makes it possible to allow for an even canopy.

An even canopy is where all the plants grow at the same rate. There’s not one plant that SHOOT UP and grows faster than the rest. Solis lighting creates a lighting environment where all plants can grow at equal rates.

More-so, when you get the lighting correct, you increase yield. Alan Lien, co-founder, and president says, “Solis Tek’s HID lighting system provides commercial growers the best chance to create a more consistent grow, a better end product and ultimately increase yield, and therefore profitability.

Their end goal of Cannabis Commercial Lighting is to take a scientific approach to creating lighting that mimics the sun. Utilizing a unique “light diet,” consisting of four spectra. These four spectra targets grow cycles that replicate the various seasons. Solis Tek’s lighting outputs the most light when hung in a series. This offers the best uniformity that helps stimulate a stronger uniform canopy. Alan concludes by saying, “the research conducted by Light Laboratories conclusively proves that any grower concerned about quality, yield and cost should be using our lights.”

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