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Arizona State University Is Looking For Medical Cannabis Patients

Written by Corre Addam

If you live in Arizona and take cannabis legally as a medical patient, the generous folks at Arizona State University want to study you, and then pay you hard dollars to get high

Over at ASU, they have ‘The Substance Use, Health, and Behavior Lab,’ which is currently recruiting test subjects who own an Arizona medical cannabis card, between the ages of 18-30, to compare different cannabis effects, using different strains.

You’ll have to read through to end of this article to see how much each medical cannabis patients in Arizona could gets paid for their time, but is there any amount too small for such a dream job?

The head honcho at ASU who is responsible for overseeing participants, Madeline Meier, has been leading the charge for medical cannabis for some time, and has been making global headlines for her trouble.

Back in 2012, the research facility produced a study which seemed to suggest that long-term cannabis use could lead to an eight-point decline in IQ, from childhood to adulthood. The study proves that Meier and her team are objective in their approach to cannabis, and they also have some positive studies to boot.

For example, a 2016 study, demonstrated that regular, even long-term cannabis use is not so bad, other than the fact that gum disease was more prevalent among regular users. The same study showed no negative effects on the lungs or heart from cannabis, and also demonstrated that cannabis helps to keep your weight down and regulate your blood sugar.

While the specific details of the new study are still shrouded in some mystery, medical cannabis patients choose to participant will be paid $95 for their time, and that goes a long way at Arizona dispensaries.

While the specific aspects of cannabis use among the study participants remains to be seen, this is another positive step in studying and understanding the effects of cannabis on the population.

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