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The High-End Culinary Cannabis Market Is Booming

Written by Alexandra Hicks

From over-processed and way-too-sweet bakery goods, to some of the most high-end, cannabis-infused menu items you can dream of, advances in the cannabis edible industry are remarkable.

Looking back only a few years, edibles available online or at dispensaries were nothing to write home about. The selection was usually pretty slim and consisted almost entirely of processed foods packed with sugar. But today, that is a completely different story. The cannabis industry is tapping into pretty much every other food market that exists. Aside from the always available classics like brownies and cookies, you can now purchase cannabis-infused truffles, mints, beef jerky, hot pockets, chicken wings, etc.; you can find tea, cold-brew coffee, and other beverages, and even olive oil, which can be used in cooking and salad dressings.

But take-home products aren’t the only cannabis edibles to get excited about. If fine dining is more your pace, gourmet restaurants, caterers, and cannabis dinner parties that serve cannabis-infused delicacies are sprouting up throughout larger cities in legal states, such as Denver and Los Angeles. Some of the more high-end menu items include cannabis wine, braised pork, sushi, artisan-style sandwiches, organic and gluten free deserts, and anything else your foodie heart could desire.

Chef Louis Tikaram of E.P & L.P. recently hosted a cannabis infused culinary get-together at a luxury home in Sherman Oaks, CA. These types of private events are becoming common place all over Los Angeles. Pop-ups and private events have become ubiquitous all over L.A. Chris Oh and Steven Fretz teamed up with newer cannabis brand, Flow Kana, for a four-course, farm-to-table meal that blew everyone away. Neal Fraser from Vibiana cooked a cannabis-infused dinner with marijuana firm MedMen. Jeff the 420 Chef prepared a cannabis-laden ‘potza’ ball soup at Jewish Sabbath dinners. And the list goes on.

Think of a food you love, and mostly likely, it has a cannabis-infused double somewhere in the world, or someone is on the verge of creating it, maybe it could be you! Cannabis entrepreneurs are bounding past the stoner-style norm to create beautiful, luxurious new ways to eat your cannabis.


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About the author

Alexandra Hicks

Managing editor at Cannadelics and U.S based journalist, helping spread the word about the many benefits of using cannabis and psychedelics.