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New App Helps Patients Identify Their ‘Ideal’ Medical Cannabis Strain

Written by Corre Addam

As the use of medical cannabis globally grows exponentially at a massively fast rate, technology is trying to keep up with the trend, in this case it’s the turn of the all-new PotBot artificial intelligence app, which can help you find your perfect cannabis match

As more and more countries legislate to make medical cannabis available to patients in need. With anything from appetite stimulation to pain relief, technology is finding it challenging to keep up. And that’s not to mention states like Colorado, who have legalized cannabis also for recreational purposes.

In order to deal with the new demand, on a variety of levels, an all-new start up, aptly named PotBot, is helping patients to identify and even locate the perfect cannabis strain, intended to treat their specific symptoms or illness.

The principle is fairly simple: Patients feed into the PotBot specific information about their ailment and symptoms. PotBot then jumps into action and within a few short seconds gives the patient a list of cannabis strains that could treat their issue. The app also takes into account cannabinoid levels within a plant, and can choose a THC or CBD-heavy strain accordingly.

CEO of Potbotics, David Goldstein, who created the app, spoke to CNBC, confirming that he has already secured a cool $5 million in initial funding, “We definitely see there’s interest in the industry, for sure,” Goldstein said, “It’s one that has real potential in the United States and internationally. A lot of investors like non-cannabis touching entities, because they feel like they are hedging their bets a little bit.”

Obviously, like everything in the medical cannabis world at the moment, there are numerous challenges faced by companies such as potbotics. For starters, legislation and regulation vary from state to state, and from country to country. What is legal somewhere is illegal elsewhere, and this has been an ongoing challenge for many involved in the world of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

For Goldstein, seeing cannabis become legal for medical use is one of his life goals, as he told reporters, “There are great applications like Leafly and Weedmaps. (Although) we didn’t feel like there was something that helps the medical patient.”

With the evidence mounting daily that cannabis can be effective for treating chronic pain, symptoms associated with cancer and PTSD, to name just a few, there’s still a way to go for the technology side of the medical cannabis industry to catch up. Applications and new technology like the PotBot are very telling of the direction in which things are moving… And they are a moving at a very rapid rate.

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