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Free Delta 8 & CBD Samples

Looking for free CBD samples? Join the CBD Testers Reviewers Program.

Looking for free CBD samples? Want to try new Delta 8 products? Interested in THCV? Or just want to try hemp-derived Delta-9 THC gummies?

Join the Delta 8 Reviewers program! We are currently recruiting more people to try Delta 8, Delta 9 THC, THCO, THCP, THCV & CBD samples and review products.

Free Delta 9 THC Gummies

Want to try hemp-derived delta 9 THC gummies in a variety of flavors? Delivered to your house for free? And did we mention there are vegan options available too? If you’re interested, this is the perfect deal for you!

Each of these gummies contains 10 to 15 mg of delta 9 THC and they come in a total of six flavors: Guavaberry Fruit, Blueberry Citrus Burst, Kiwi Mixer, Green Apple, Tropical Punch, and Wild Cherry. The Chronix Brand contain 10 mg each (100mg total in the bag), and the Urb brand contain 15mg each (150mg total in the package).

Three of the flavors are vegan: blueberry citrus burst, guavaberry fruit, and kiwi mixer. Because they are vegan, they don’t contain gelatin, so the consistency of these gummies is more like a mini jello-shooter rather than an actual candy gummy.

Click HERE to these Delta 9 THC gummies for FREE

(all you will need to pay is a few dollars for shipping)

If you have 15 to 30 minutes to spare each month in exchange for free, high-quality Delta 8 & CBD products, then we can send you free Delta 8 CBD samples to review. This is the perfect opportunity for you! Not only will you benefit here, but you’ll help legitimize the industry by informing other consumers which products are good, and which ones they should stay away from. 

You’ll also help businesses learn more about what their customers want. In order for companies to know what to change or improve about their products, they need feedback from honest product reviewers like yourselves.

And this is where your valued thoughts comes into play. No matter how big or small the praise or critique may be, your opinion matters to the industry!

We are currently recruiting more Delta 8 THC Reviewers. If accepted into the program, you will receive your first free Delta 8 or CBD samples within a few weeks. After using the Delta 8 / CBD samples for a minimum of 7 days, we ask that you submit a short review that will take no more than 15 minutes of your time. 

And that’s it! It’s super easy and convenient, and it’s a great way to save money and learn about new products, while of course, making the Hemp industry a better place for everyone involved.  As a special welcome gift, we will point you to reliable suppliers of Delta 8 and CBD products, where you could get free Delta 8 / CBD samples immediately!


All communication with our flower reviewers will be done via email, so please subscribe to the Delta 8 Weekly Newsletter, where we will share important updates, invitations to try Delta 8 & CBD samples, and exclusive offers on items that have already received great reviews. 

Don’t forget to sign up ASAP as we have free Delta 8 THC / CBD samples to give away. We look forward to learning more about products with you!

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