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The Role of Nicotine E-Cigarettes in Quitting Smoking

The Role of Nicotine E-Cigarettes in Quitting Smoking
Written by PsychePen

Results showed a higher success rate observed in the vaping group.

A recent international study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that smokers attempting to quit have a higher success rate when nicotine e-cigarettes are incorporated into their cessation strategy. This study comes as Australia is set to make vaping prescription-only, sparking a debate on the role of vapes in smoking cessation.

The study involved 1,246 smokers divided into two groups: one received counseling along with free nicotine e-cigarettes and e-liquids, while the other underwent counseling but was given a voucher for non-vaping related purchases. Results showed a significant difference in quit rates between the two groups, with a higher success rate observed in the vaping group. Dr. Colin Mendelsohn, a smoking cessation clinician, highlighted the study’s effectiveness, noting an improvement in respiratory symptoms among the vaping group compared to the control group.

However, Associate Professor Michelle Jongenelis from The University of Melbourne cautioned that vapes are not without risks, as e-liquids can contain harmful chemicals. The study also indicated that while many participants quit smoking tobacco, a considerable number continued using e-cigarettes, raising concerns about the long-term use of vaping products.

Why It Matters: This study underscores the potential of vaping as a tool in smoking cessation programs, suggesting that with proper guidance and regulation, vapes could play a crucial role in reducing smoking rates. However, the findings also highlight the need for further support to help individuals wean off e-cigarettes, ensuring a complete cessation of nicotine dependency.

Potential Implications: The results could influence public health policies and smoking cessation strategies, potentially leading to more widespread acceptance of vaping as a cessation aid. However, it also emphasizes the importance of ongoing research and regulation to address the health implications of long-term vape use.

And we would like to know, how will Australia’s prescription-only vaping laws impact smokers trying to quit?…

Source: Cosmos Magazine

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