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Cruise Passengers Arrested for Carrying Over 100 Bags of Marijuana

Cruise Passengers Arrested for Carrying Over 100 Bags of Marijuana
Written by PsychePen

If convicted on all counts, they could face up to 80 years in prison or $4 million in fines.

Summary: Two passengers on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship, were arrested after law enforcement found 112 bags of marijuana in their luggage. The discovery occurred on the Norwegian Joy cruise ship, which was set to travel from Miami to the UK. Both passengers have pleaded not guilty to four criminal charges related to drug trafficking.

Norwegian Cruise Line Passengers Arrested for Marijuana Trafficking

The incident unfolded on January 11 when Department of Homeland Security officers boarded the Norwegian Joy. They found Michael Quesenberry and Savannah Rose Minami in a cabin with multiple pieces of luggage. Initially, Minami was allowed to leave as she claimed to have just met Quesenberry at the ship’s bar. However, a drug-sniffing dog later signaled a positive alert for Quesenberry’s luggage, leading to the discovery of 56 vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana. Subsequently, Minami was located at the ship’s bar and escorted to her room, where officers found an additional 56 bags in her luggage. The total weight of the seized marijuana was approximately 71.9 kilograms (158 pounds).

A Department of Homeland Security special agent noted in the affidavit that drug traffickers are increasingly exporting marijuana from the United States to England due to higher prices in England. Quesenberry and Minami have been released on bonds of $250,000 and $150,000, respectively, after pleading not guilty to the charges. They also surrendered their passports. If convicted on all counts, they could face up to 80 years in prison or $4 million in fines.

A spokesperson for Norwegian Cruise Line emphasized the importance of guest safety and security, stating that the company reserves the right to confiscate prohibited items and notify authorities when necessary.

Why It Matters: This incident highlights the ongoing challenges in combating international drug trafficking and the innovative methods used by traffickers. The involvement of cruise passengers in such activities raises concerns about the use of commercial travel for illegal drug transportation.

Potential Implications: The arrest of these passengers could lead to stricter security measures and surveillance on cruise ships, potentially impacting the travel experience for other passengers. It also underscores the need for international cooperation in addressing drug trafficking.

Source: Business Insider

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