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Nevada Expands Cannabis Consumption Lounges with Three New Approvals

Cannabis Consumption Lounges
Written by PsychePen

Nevada regulators approved three more applications for cannabis consumption lounge licenses, including two concepts in the Las Vegas market.

Summary: Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) has given the green light to three additional applications for cannabis consumption lounges. This includes two concepts in the Las Vegas area. The approved applications belong to Deep Roots Harvest and Global Harmony, both of which operate cannabis stores in Las Vegas, and KV Group located in the southern Nevada town of Pahrump. This brings the total number of approved consumption spaces in Nevada to seven. The board also made adjustments to the air-ventilation standards for marijuana consumption, offering clearer guidelines for operators.

Cannabis Consumption Lounges Gain Momentum in Nevada with New Approvals

Nevada has been progressively expanding its cannabis consumption lounges, with the recent approval of three more applications. The CCB‘s unanimous decision favored Deep Roots Harvest, Global Harmony, and KV Group. Previously, in June, the CCB had granted the first three conditional licenses to Cheyenne Medical in unincorporated Clark County, Common Sense Botanicals Nevada in Washoe Valley, and Planet 13 in Las Vegas.

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The recent decision to ease air-ventilation standards for cannabis consumption lounges came after stakeholders expressed concerns about the high costs associated with such systems. The initial investment and continuous operational energy costs could exceed $100,000, making it economically challenging for most operators, especially social equity licensees.

While some lounge operators had initially hoped to commence operations this summer, various challenges, including administrative setbacks, funding issues, and evolving regulations, have caused delays. When Nevada first approved the concept of consumption lounges a year ago, there was an agreement to issue up to 65 licenses, with 40-45 of them being linked to existing cannabis shops. Deep Roots Harvest has indicated plans to open its lounge by the end of March.

Source: MJBizDaily

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