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Epic Clouds 5g Disposable: The Power of THCA + CBC + HHC-B

Written by Phileas Fog

Experience the unique blend of THCA, CBC, and HHC-B in the Epic Clouds 5g Disposable. Discover the benefits of a 5 gram disposable vape.

In the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of cannabinoid products, it’s crucial to stay abreast of the latest developments. Today, we focus on a recent addition to the Epic Clouds 5 Gram line with a THCA + CBC + HHC-B disposable vape. This product is distinguished by its unique blend of cannabinoids, which contributes to the high-quality experience it is designed to provide. The combination of THCA, CBC and HHC-B in a larger-than-usual 5 gram disposable vape offers unique benefits and a long-lasting, potent experience, setting it apart in the market.

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The Epic Clouds 5g disposable is a very unique product, combining premium THCA, HHC-B, and CBC distillate in a larger-than-usual size vape. This blend is paired with live resin terpenes, promising a superior and powerful experience. The rare compound CBC is highlighted as an enhancer of strength, making your experience more rounded, balanced and sometimes even more powerful and long-lasting. Using a rare blend of THCA, HHC-B and CBC is what makes this formula so unique and attractive.


THCA, or Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in raw and live cannabis and hemp plants. As a precursor to THC, it converts into the well-known psychoactive compound when heated. This nice loophole is one of the main reasons why many products are using THCA as their main active counpoun, as it is both legal but also very psychoactive (when heated, such as when vaped or smoked)… You can find THCA in vapes, flower, pre-rolls, diamonds, tincture, gummies and more.

Have you tried THCA flower?

CBC, or Cannabichromene, is another non-psychoactive cannabinoid known for its potential health benefits. CBC may contribute to the overall analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal effects of cannabis. Like THCA, CBC is also an area of active research, and while preliminary results are promising, more studies are needed to confirm its potential therapeutic benefits.

One of the main attractions of CBC is that it is known to be an “enhancer” to other compounds. In edibles and vapes, using CBC might make the over experience more well rounded between mind and body, which is a very desirable effect!

HHC-B is a new HHC version of THC-B, a compound known for its unique experience and potent strength. While HHC-B is an expensive compound to produce, it is also a significantly enhances the formula and the overall experience of the product. You must try it for yourself to see its true benefits.

High-potency product using THCA and THC-P

The size does matter – The Epic Clouds 5g disposable…

One of the standout features of the Epic Clouds 5 Gram Disposable Vape is its size. The majority of disposable vapes on the market typically contain 1-2 grams of product. By offering a 5 gram disposable vape, you will get a product that not only lasts longer but also offers better value for money. This larger size is particularly advantageous for regular users, as it reduces the frequency of repurchases and the environmental impact of disposing of the vapes.

In conclusion, the Epic Clouds 5 Gram THCA + CBC + HHC-B disposable is a great product that offers a unique and potent cannabinoid experience. As part of our Deal Of The Day, you can buy this new device, as well as other premium products with an additional 25% discount, using the Cannadelics coupon code.

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Buy the new 5g Epic Clouds Disposable

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