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Delta Munchies Mango Crush Delta-9 Gummies Product Review

delta munchies mango
Written by Leah Johnson

It’s time to crush your fruit cravings with the sweet and juicy flavor tropical mangos! Thanks to Delta Munchies’ Mango Crush Delta-9 THC gummies, now you can enjoy the delicious flavor of sun-ripened fruits on your way to a deliciously euphoric high. Mangos are a delicacy best enjoyed right off the tree, but depending on the season or where you live, that may not be a viable option. In today’s exciting product review, I’ll be sampling a deliciously soft and chewy rendition of the tropical fruit that your taste buds will adore. 

The Delta Munchies Mango Crush Delta-8 Gummies feature soft and chewy mango-flavored treats that are packed in a 10-count 250mg jar, equaling 10 mg in each gummy. I’ve already had the pleasure of sampling the Strawberry Shortcake Delta-9 THC gummies from the Delta Munchies brand and I’m curious to see how these gummies compare! I’ll start off with a brief overview of the Delta Munchies brand and the delightful assortment of products they carry. Let’s begin!

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A Quick Look At The Delta Munchies Brand

The Delta Munchies brand incorporates a familiar cannabis side effect (munchies) into their company name, in what I can only assume is a subliminal attempt to remind you of the brand when you’re searching for your next cannabis-infused product purchase. Delta Munchies carries an impressive catalog of products that include both the edible and inhalable varieties in three different cannabinoids (Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, and HHC). I encourage you to browse the entire site when you have some free time, but for the sake of today’s review, I’ll be focusing on their Delta-9 THC gummies. 

The Delta-9 THC gummies come in six tempting flavors that deliver sweet and fruity flavors in a soft and chewy treat. Exotic fruits, sweet berries, and succulent desserts can all be found in the Delta-9 THC gummy lineup, ensuring a flavor for even the pickiest consumer. The gummies are sold in two size options (25 or 40 count) and contain 10mg of Delta-9 THC per piece.

This may seem like a small amount when compared to traditional Delta-8 THC or HHC gummies, but it’s important to realize that Delta-9 THC is more potent than either of these psychoactive cannabinoids. As such, Delta Munchies only offers them in low doses to allow your body to become comfortable with the high. Once you have a better understanding on how your body reacts to the 10mg, you can adjust your dosage as needed. 

The Mango Crush Delta-9 THC gummies we’ll be trying today are the 25 count, making the total mg count a whopping 250mg. The 25 count is sold for $39.99, but the site frequently runs promotional discounts and offers bundle deals to offer budget-friendly options.  Delta Munchies’ gummies come packed with 11 major cannabinoids, are full-spectrum, and have been tested by independent third-party labs to ensure purity and potency.

I noticed that only three of their gummy flavors had been subjected to lab testing, but it’s possible that the lab results of the other flavors are still pending. But enough of the preliminaries; it’s time to check out these intriguing Mango Crush Delta-8 Gummies by Delta Munchies! 

Delta Munchies Mango Crush Delta-9 THC Gummies Product Review

I’ve loved mangos ever since I was a child; their sweet and sticky juice was a highlight in the summer, and I recently got to sample the sweet ataulfo mangos from the Caribbean. I’m an avid lover of all things fruit-flavored, but I realize that the authentic flavor of the fruits can be difficult to replicate in candy form.

Having recently tried the Strawberry Shortcake gummies from the Delta Munchies brand, I was confident that the Mango Crush gummies would be just as delicious. I picked up the bottle and inspected the shape and color of the gummies, noting that they were a light orange color and were similar in both size and shape to a Scrabble tile. I unscrewed the plastic cap, tore off the paper seal, and held the bottle to my nose to get a better idea of the scent. 

I was expecting a warm and tropical flavor of mangos, but unfortunately, this was not the scent I had hoped for. My nostrils were attacked with a weird plastic smell that had a faint underlying scent of something fruity. I wrinkled my nose in displeasure and could only hope that the flavor would be better than the scent. I plucked a single gummy from the jar and noted that it felt quite spongy and soft between my fingertips. The gummy was lightly covered in fine sugar crystals and smelled slightly better once it was out of the jar. I hesitantly placed the gummy in my mouth and began to chew. 

Unfortunately for my taste buds, the same scent I had smelled was the same flavor that I tasted. The plastic and artificial mango scent was even stronger in my mouth, but now it was magnified with a slightly bitter taste of hemp. The mango flavor became more dominant as I chewed and was effective in masking the bitterness of the hemp. The texture of the gummy was soft and sweet and left no tiny pieces stuck in my teeth. However, I was glad to finally swallow the offending flavor and was quick to rinse out my mouth with several sips of water. I glanced at the clock to make note of the time and settled in to await the effects. 

The Effects! 

I began to feel the effects of the Delta-9 THC in just under an hour, roughly 45 minutes or so. The effects came on slowly, which was appreciated as opposed to the “BAM! You’re high!” effects of some other edibles I’ve tried. I noticed that I felt comfortably warm and relaxed, with a light mental fog descending upon my senses. I felt somewhat heavy, like a weighted blanket had been tossed on my entire body. As the effects progressed in their intensity, it felt like time had slowed down and I had no desire to leave my comfortable position on the couch.

The couch lock was accompanied by a warm tingling sensation in my hands, feet, face, and chest. I experienced bouts of dizziness that left me feeling slightly disoriented, but not to the point of feeling pangs of anxiety or panic. I noticed that my mouth felt sticky and dry, a common side effect that usually leads to cotton mouth. I had a bottle of water that I took frequent swig from, and in doing so, I noticed that my sense of taste was exponentially heightened.

I was amused to discover I also had the munchies, which tasted divine on my taste buds. I started to feel somewhat drowsy after about an hour, though my eyelids weren’t incredibly heavy nor was there difficulty in keeping them open. The drowsiness and couch lock were eventually enough to coax me into my bed, where I fell asleep quickly and slept without waking until the next morning. 

Unfortunately, I had to battle some “hangover high” effects when I woke up the next morning. I felt groggy and experienced some difficulty in getting ready to start the day. I’m usually a morning person, but the effects from the previous night’s high made me feel cranky and unusually sleepy. The mental cobwebs were persistent for the next two hours, which made starting my day slightly difficult. Once the effects finally faded, I became my usual chipper and energetic self and was able to continue about my day. 

Closing Thoughts

I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed in the Mango Crush Delta-9 THC gummies from the Delta Munchies brand. Both the scent and flavor of the gummies were extremely off-putting and not at all what I expected from a mango flavor. The plastic taste, the artificial fruit flavor, and bitter hemp aftertaste ruined any chance of praise from me.

Yet the only redeeming quality would be the quick onset of the effects. I enjoyed a rich euphoria that lasted for several hours, as well as the intense body high and heavy couch-lock sensation. My sense of taste and touch were heightened, and I loved that the effects weren’t fast and hard-hitting out of nowhere. I was a bit frustrated to experience the hangover high effects the following morning, but thankfully they gradually faded away after two hours. I really wanted to love these gummies but the taste, scent, and lingering effects the next morning are just too much for me to truly recommend these gummies. 

I realize that my experiences may differ from yours, so don’t immediately write these gummies off. The point of these reviews is simply to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of taste, effects, and longevity of the high. Perhaps my next product review will be a bit more positive. Speaking of which, I hope you’ll join me in my review of the Delta Extrax GSC Delta-11 Vape Cartridge!

Delta-11 is one of the newest psychoactive cannabinoids to hit the market and I’m curious to see how this cannabinoid compares to some of the more widely known hemp-derived compounds. If you’re as curious as I am to learn more about the Delta-11 cannabinoid, be sure to check back soon for this and other full-blown product reviews from reputable brands found throughout the country!

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