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Cannabis Catering: Private Parties with a Buzz

cannabis catering
Written by Sarah Friedman

Cannabis restaurants are still a little hard to come by because of current laws and regulations in the cannabis industry. But that doesn’t mean you can’t serve up some awesome marijuana meals to guests at your party. With the advent of cannabis catering, everyday events can be celebrated like 4/20. Here’s a look at some of the top companies that will ensure your party is perfectly pot-centric.

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What’s the deal with cannabis restaurants?

We already know that cannabis isn’t legal for recreational use everywhere, so the idea that there would be a streamlined idea for cannabis restaurants, doesn’t exist. Though we now have the ability to go into dispensaries and order food infused with cannabis, in most places, we can’t go into an actual restaurant and order ourselves a big old bacon double weed burger. At least not yet.

In order for dispensaries to operate, they must follow a strict set of regulations, and these restrictions, while similar, vary in specifics from state to state. For example, in California, cannabis regulation is highly particular, down to the layout of the building which houses the operation, and the bathrooms within. Though dispensaries are able to serve up cannabis foods, a real operating restaurant is harder to find, though they do exist.

From Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza in New York, which serves a whole menu of Italian food goodness, to Monarch & the Milkweed restaurant in Vermont which has everything to get your sweet tooth going with a CBD infusion, there are some legalized locations where prospective cannabis restauranteurs are finding ways to institute their businesses. Another Vermont option is Zenbarn, a restaurant that serves up good old-fashioned comfort food, but with an added CBD-sauce kick, and cannabis-infused beverages.

Cannabis cuisine

The very first cannabis restaurant to open did so in California, and is called the Original Cannabis Café. This restaurant offers a full regular menu, with the option of a THC upgrade for $20. This restaurant, like the others mentioned, should be checked for hours as covid has altered business operations in many locations.

Cannabis catering, the best way to get your party started

If you want to have a big blowout party, and you want to serve up some tasty cuisine that can bring on a buzz, there are companies ready and waiting to meet your weed needs, and not in a standard restaurant environment. If you’re looking to plan a private birthday party, or wedding celebration, or graduation party, and you want to do it pro-cannabis style, these cannabis catering companies can make sure you pull off a night to remember, even if it’s all a bit hazy.

Much like any other catering company, cannabis caterers come to where your celebration is planned, and bring a pre-organized menu of the food you want to serve your guests. In the case of cannabis catering, that fine cuisine can be a full menu of cannabis-infused food. A stipulation for such a service does require being in a location where this practice can be done legally.


If you’re looking for the high-end cannabis cuisine experience for you, and your party, Popcultivate offers one of the best services available. Popcultivate offers a five-star dining experience, organized by former chemist (and current chef) Chris Yang. The company is not specific to one location, and can operate and cater your party in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Denver, meaning if your party is in one of these locations, Popcultivate can make sure you’ve got the most high-end, cannabis-infused, buzz-inducing fare out there.

Popcultivate doesn’t stop with that, though, and offers a service to meet you in your location, assuming your location is legal. With more legalizations in the future, Popcultivate might be showing up in more places around the country soon. Popcultivate has a team of classically trained chefs, who are excited to cook up new creative dishes, along with an appreciation for art, music, and overall discovery. Each chef is determined to make sure that they find the perfect menu to suit each individual request.

The Herbal Chef

Another quite awesome company to offer cannabis catering services, is The Herbal Chef, a farm to table setup with the motto of “Destigmatizing Plant Medicine through Modern Cuisine.” This company starts with the cannabis cultivation, picking farms with high standards and no usage of pesticides. Then a partner lab is brought in to test extracts and ensure they are of the correct strength and quality. The products from the lab go on to a chef in the Herbal Chef Network, who then uses the ingredients to whip up a fully customized meal to suit your desired experience. Each chef is already highly trained in working with cannabis in food, and dosing correctly.

cannabis food

The Herbal Chef is a hospitality company that offers full food and beverage services. The company creates events, caters private celebrations, and provides meal prep experiences as well for those who want to know how to prepare food themselves. Chefs can prepare meals for standard events, or even accompany interested parties on vacations to other locations. Chefs work all over the country in legalized locations, meaning so long as there is regulation allowing for it, The Herbal Chef can help you host the best weed-infused party ever. Interested party-throwers can enter their information in the ‘Hire A Chef’ section to see availability and pricing.

Cannaisseur Series

Yet another interesting option when it comes to cannabis catering, is Cannaisseur Series. This operation started in 2015 by Chef Coreen Carroll and her husband, Ryan Bush, a cannabis entrepreneur. It began as a monthly meetup in an underground pop-up fashion, as a way to serve some gourmet cannabis-infused food. Each meal is made with seasonal ingredients, along with cannabis flowers, edibles, and extracts, all from high-end providers. Cannaisseur Series provides the full experience, from hors d’oeuvres to the main course.

These days, the company offers private dining experiences as well, and can be hired out to cater your event in a super weed-friendly way. Each event has a menu designed specifically for it, and can be customized for any dietary restrictions. Cannaisseur Series does require that all attendees of an event are 21 or above, and does list some basic prices, though interested parties should certainly check with the company to ensure pricing for their specific needs.

The company requires a 10-person minimum for event catering, at $295 per/person for a starting price. With a 20 person minimum, the price can drop to as little as $125 per/person as a starting price. When the minimum is at least 40 people, the starting price per a person is lowered to $35 a head. Whether you’re interested in a communal dining meal hosted by Cannaisseur Series, or a private dining experience for your own party, this company can certainly make it happen in style. The company is not terribly specific about where they can operate out of, but is based out of California, meaning at least that state can take advantage. Other interested parties should check with the company for availability in their location.

Cannabis catering locally

At this point, not as many companies will operate across state lines, and finding a cannabis catering company might be easiest in your specific location. Here are a few examples of companies that are catering marijuana laden food in their specific communities.

If you’re in Michigan, then Michigan Cannabis Chefs might be your best bet for a weed-infused party. The company creates artisanal cannabis-infused cuisine for all kinds of special occasions and group events. Whether its presented as a sit-down dinner, or buffet, or picnic-style occasion, the menu can be designed to have as many infused items as desired. The company also hosts cooking lessons, and provides personal chefs.

catering cannabis

If you’re in Washington, DC, then you’re lucky enough to have Green Panther Chef available to you. Founded by Chef Jazz, this full-service cannabis catering company has a team of cannabis infusion chefs, and a fun and happy waitstaff to make any event an exciting one. As a part of the Premium Dinner Party Experience, the company offers the creation of a tailored five-course meal, a unique and custom cake, complete waitstaff and kitchen staff, the appearance of Chef Jazz herself, and a beautiful keepsake centerpiece. These parties can accommodate up to 20 people.

For those in the LA area, there’s Weedbar LA. This company operates in the LA area, but is also national, and will work with party hosts in any legalized location. This company offers not just a delicious weed-infused catered meal, but provides entertainment, creates an awesome atmosphere, and even offers education. Weedbar LA puts together local chefs with expert budtenders, and uses the finest of ingredients. The company takes its parties a step further even, including lotions and topicals along with a professional to apply them, a full dab bar, cannabis mocktails, a large weed bar, CBD products, and goody bags so everyone walks away happy. When it comes to creating the full experience, Weedbar LA really has it down!


While cannabis restaurants are starting to pop up locally, the idea of the cannabis catered private party is becoming all the rage. With cannabis catering, your private party can be as buzzy as you’d like, in a high-fashion surrounding, totally cool and chic environment, or anything in between. If you want your party guests to be able to get high without incident, or for getting high to be the crux of the celebration, check out the cannabis catering options near you, and throw yourself the best stoner private party ever.

Of course, when it comes to edibles in general, you don’t need to throw a whole party just to get high. With a range of all different kinds of edibles, from the fancy to the downright interesting, you can get almost anything infused, even your drink. And in the privacy of your own home.

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