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Get Ready For The CBD Flowers Business Newsletter

CBD Flowers Business Newsletter
Written by Alexandra Hicks

Looking to source the best hemp flowers for your shop?
Interested in exclusive wholesale CBD flower deals?

Want to learn more about the hemp industry?

Need to sell hundreds of pounds of flowers?


We’d like to take a moment and announce the launch of our CBD Flowers Business Newsletter, just in time for Cyber Monday!

If you work in any niche of the growing and quickly evolving, CBD Flower industry, our newsletter was made with you in mind. This subscription – which will be sent to your inbox every Wednesday at 11am – is perfect for:

  • Shop and dispensary owners trying to source high-quality hemp flowers for at a competitive price.
  • Distributors in need of consistent wholesale deals on in-demand strains
  • Farmers or anyone trying to sell their own CBD Flowers in bulk
  • Investors who want to fund CBD Flower companies and need to learn more about the industry

One of our primary goals at CBD Testers is to be resource for those in the industry, and our favorite way to do that is by offering you the very best pound and wholesale deals. For example, right now, we have flower that’s high in CBD (cannabidiol) for under $200 a pound! We also have the new popular “CBD Flowers” – flowers high in CBG (cannabigerol) for a very low price and other trending products, such as CBD Moon Rocks, Keif, and more. We aim to deliver our subscribers the best available cbd flower B2B deals each week. 

Additionally, this newsletter will cover topics like:

  • Deals (wholesale and pound deals for flowers, biomass, and concentrates such as kief and hash)
  • Regulatory changes (press releases from the FDA, USDA, and other relevant government bodies, changes at state and federal level, important global updates). In addition to following the latest regulatory changes, we will also discuss future ones, letting you prepare in advance.
  • Product recommendations (help you find the best available products for your shop)
  • Market trends (information on stocks, industry insights, and investment opportunities)
  • Advertising options (holiday campaigns, hemp flowers promotional packages, and direct marketing)
  • … and more

If CBD Flowers is your business, this is the newsletter for you. Subscribe now and let us help you build your brand.


*** Want to advertise with us for the holiday season? Subscribe below to The CBD Flowers Business Newsletter and contact us now for more information about advertising in our Best of 2019 Special Holiday Edition. ***

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About the author

Alexandra Hicks

Managing editor at Cannadelics and U.S based journalist, helping spread the word about the many benefits of using cannabis and psychedelics.