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Germany’s Medical Cannabis Market Attracts Trio of Canadian Deals

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Written by Peter McCusker

The Canadian appetite for the German medical cannabis market place is picking up pace with the announcement of a trio of deals. 

In a market statement, EuroLife Brands says it is looking to collaborate with fellow Canadian firm AgraFlora Organics International on an on-line medical cannabis educational platform. The deal will see EuroLife’s physician-sanctioned German cannabis education platform integrated into Agra Flora’s existing network. 

Vancouver-based AgraFlora recently acquired The Good Company, the parent company of German medical cannabis distributor Farmako, which has a distribution network of 19,800 pharmacies covering 100,000 patients. 

German Champion

AgraFlora CEO Brandon Boddy said the collaboration will ‘look to champion the German evidence-based cannabis education marketplace’.

Shawn Moniz, EuroLife CEO said: “Germany is the first of many European markets in which we will be expanding our platforms, as that market, with a population of over 80 million is a key catalyst for our strategic revenue growth in 2020.”

Toronto-based EuroLife’s cannabis education repository contains more than ‘400 physician-backed’ articles and over 70 courses. This is the latest move into Europe by EuroLife Brands which says it aims to become the ‘Amazon or Alibaba’ of the CBD world delivering a ‘powerful education-based, analytics-backed digital CBD marketplace’.

9.50 Euros A Gram

Fellow Canadian firms  Pharmadrug and the Canada House Wellness Group have also announced a partnership targeting the German market, which will see Pharmadrug supply dried power to German pharmacies for 9.50 Euros a gram.

And the opportunities in Germany’s medical cannabis market has seen Vancouver company, XPhyto Therapeutics sign a deal with an with a major cannabis grower and processor for exclusive distribution of flower, extracts, isolates, and crystallites in Germany. 

In an XPhyto press release it says that through its wholly-owned German subsidiary, Vektor Pharma it holds a German commercial cannabis import licence. The company says the unnamed supplier is a ‘major international grower and extractor in the process of EU GMP certification of its facilities and with scalable production in excess of 100,000 hectares’, both indoor and out.

Describing Germany as the largest medical cannabis market in the world’ Hugh Rogers, CEO of XPhyto Therapeutics , said: ”We look forward to proceeding to a multi-year engagement to bring medical-grade cannabis products to Germany.”

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