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German CBD Seller Told to Take Stock Off Shelves

Written by Peter McCusker

Leading European cannabis experts will meet in Germany next week to look at ways to resolve the continent’s ongoing issues with CBD regulation.

This comes as Germany’s political opposition has asked Chancellor Merkel’s Government to clarify its position on CBD. And, as a long-standing German cannabis producer has hit out after one of his customers has been asked to stop selling cannabis oil.

Novel Food – A Key Challenge

On September 17, cannabis experts from Germany, Italy, and the UK will talk about strategies to overcome barriers to the rapidly-growing CBD market.

It takes place at Cologne-Bonn Airport, and is organized by the nova Institute with support of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA). It will feature Daniel Kruse, CEO at HempConsult, Joscha Krauss, CEO at MH medical hemp, Catherine Wilson, of CannaWell (UK) and Lorenza Romanese, Managing Director of the EIHA

All businesses are members of the EIHA and in a press statement they say their ‘key challenge’ is the recent changes in the Novel Foods Catalogue which ‘threaten to make certain hemp foods and extracts more expensive to get to market’.

They say their ‘key challenge’ is the recent changes in the Novel Foods Catalogue which ‘threaten to make certain hemp foods and extracts more expensive to get to market’.

Save Our CBD

The EIHA’s fight to secure a fair deal for CBD and medical cannabis growers has received backing from the German opposition Free Democratic Party, report Marijuana Business Daily. It has asked the federal government to clarify its stance on the legality of CBD food products.

Asking why CBD is classed as novel food, why the government didn’t establish a transition period for companies currently selling CBD products, and whether the government is planning any measures to legally protect sales of CBD in Germany?

This Is ‘Not Science’

Germany is much like the U.K. with a booming market for CBD in pharmacies, health food shops and other retailers. In Germany, the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety says CBD makers and sellers need to show they have authorization to  sell it.

But, it is the responsibility of the individual German states to ensure compliance and there has been little appetite for this since the Novel Food changes in January.

However veteran German CBD player Hempro International is pushing back against local authorities in Braunschweig, after a CBD wholesale buyer was ordered to stop selling its branded hemp food oil from his shop, reports Hemp Today.

In July, a hemp and CBD shop was ordered to stop selling the food oil by local authorities, who said its products exceeded the allowable THC level. However Hempro hit back saying the desist order was not based on any ‘scientific findings’. 

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