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Can You Take Cannabis To Hotels In Legal States?

cannabis hotels
Written by Steven Bridge

Having been under onerous prohibition for decades, there were bound to be some teething problems when cannabis started to become legalized.

Legalization in North America has raised many questions. For example, can you take cannabis to your hotel room when on vacation? The age of cannabis legalization is most certainly upon us, with Canada being the most recent on the list to legalize the herb for both medical and recreational. However, in most states where cannabis is legal, on whatever level, consumption is limited to private spaces; usually at home.

Even in states where cannabis is legal, it’s not alright to light up a joint in a club, bar or restaurant, or any similar public space. This doesn’t apply across the board, but for the most part, people enjoy their cannabis in the comfort of their own home.

Some states, like Colorado, recently looked into the option of rolling out “marijuana hospitality spaces.” That suggestion is on its way to the state’s governor as we write, as is a similar proposal in Nevada. Plus, cannabis consumption lounges could also be on the horizon there before long. But, returning to the question of cannabis consumption at hotels and we enter a mini-minefield.

It goes without saying that one solution to the “can I take my medication in my hotel room” is to take cannabis-infused edibles. Edibles come in neat little gummies and other stealthy snack forms, so you can medicate no matter where you are or who you’re with. However, what about holidaymakers or those needing to medicate who want to smoke or vape their cannabis?

cannabis hotels

You can get in a lot of trouble getting caught with cannabis in certain places

Apart from some exceptions across hotels in Canada where it is permissible to light up a joint, one needs to be careful when traveling. That applies all the more so when visiting Europe, where cannabis is mostly illegal. And even though cannabis is legal in some states in the US, it’s still illegal on the federal level and can attract criminal prosecution, fines, and other nasty punishments for the really unlucky among us. We aren’t trying to ruin your day, especially if you just booked a summer vacation, so hold tight for the good news; it’s coming.

Firstly, there are always secluded public areas at hotels, and often designated smoking areas. There are also some hotels and resorts that do allow cannabis by turning a blind eye to the complex laws surrounding smoking tobacco or anything else in hotel rooms. Fire safety issues and other problems make this a complex issue. Not to mention the fact that smoking cannabis in a hotel bar or lobby isn’t realistic due to minors being around and other factors. But, as it so happens, I have the (almost) perfect solution to this issue, and it’s called vaping.

Don’t worry; I’m not about to try to sell you anything. But I would be remiss not to share my personal experience with the very story I’m writing about. Having given up smoking anything four years ago, I turned my attention (habit) to vaping. I replaced the cigarettes with E-juice and joints/bongs with a range of neat and very stealthy little “vaping devices for cannabis. I’ve enjoyed vaping sessions in closed areas and the smell all but dissipates within a minute.

If you have issues visiting a hotel and not being able to smoke in your room, my advice is to pick up a handy vaporizer for a few bucks. But do keep in mind that if you happen to be caught vaping in your hotel room, you might be hit with a heavy smoking fee (in the U.S.) or possibly arrested in other countries. So while it’s definitely something to consider – after all, many people use cannabis medicinally and they need it to function – do so at your own risk. 

Another thing to look into is a cannabis-friendly Air Bnb-style rental. Many are popping up through the United States and then you won’t even have to worry about getting caught because of the smell. Plus, you’ll get to sample some local goodies!

It may be a way to go before cannabis is understood and managed correctly after all these decades of prohibition. But the hotel and leisure industry is bound to follow suit sooner or later.

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