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Why Are Pet Lovers Giving CBD To Their Dogs?

cbd dogs
Written by Steven Bridge

Many people who have discovered the fantastic benefits of using CBD in their daily life will tell you that they feel vast improvements to their health. Some folks are even giving CBD to Rover as a little treat in his water bowl.

CBD comes in many different delivery methods, including CBD Vape Juice and flowers for smokers and vapers, CBD Oil Tinctures and even CBD Skincare products and face masks. People take CBD differently depending on their specific needs, while for dogs it’s usually added in oil extract form to their water or food. 

There are excellent reasons why dogs have come to be known as man’s best friend; a relationship that has stood the test of time over the millennia. For many, their dog isn’t just a loyal and dedicated life partner but also just another member of the family. However, humans and animals have more in common than most people know and that includes sharing something called the “Endocannabinoid System”.

This system, present in all mammals and humans, is a complex signaling network inside the body that is responsible for managing a range of functions. The ECS helps the body to regulate things like memory, sleep, appetite, and mood – and that applies to your pet pooch as much as it does to you.

cbd dogs

Many companies have started making CBD-infused dog treats

It’s all to do with your body always wanting to remain in a state of “homeostasis” or balance. CBD can help to regulate the endocannabinoid system in humans and animals, as long as it’s taken right and in the correct dosage. CBD also helps to balance metabolism and coordination and things like immune responses to various external factors.

Also of consideration is that, just as for humans, Doggy doctors (vets) often prescribe harmful and toxic medications for pets that can become addictive and cause them a variety of issues in the long-run. Some studies have shown that animals benefit from CBD in a similar way humans do and it has to be a better option to give your pet natural remedies than addictive chemical options.

Many who have given CBD to their dogs report less barking, more sleep, a shinier looking coat, healthier teeth and often a pet that seems to always be happy and full of the joys of spring. CBD has helped some dogs recover faster from broken bones following accidents. For other dogs, CBD helps to reduce severe symptoms of separation anxiety that so many pets suffer from.

According to a MyStateline report, one dog owner called Caitlin Madison gave her pet Stella CBD due to arthritis she was suffering from in her knee. As Caitlin explained, “You just notice she’s not limping quite as much or holding her leg quite as much. She’s running and not getting caught up because something hurts,”  she said.

There’s also CBD for cats and horses, and cat breeders and horse trainers alike have embraced this incredible natural compound in recent years. It isn’t easy for an animal in pain as they can’t express where it hurts or what they need to their human owners.

That’s why people feel comfortable giving CBD to their pets as they know it’s non-toxic, non-addictive, has no psychoactive properties, plus, it’s natural and almost always organic.

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  • As well as the benefits you’ve mentioned, CBD being attributed to reduced aggression towards other dogs seems to be another reason we’re seeing an increase in the sales of CBD treats for dogs.

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