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HANFEXPO Hemp Event Coming to Vienna This Month

Written by Alexandra Hicks

HANFEXPO 2019 is scheduled for April 26th to 28th and will take place at the historic Marx Halle in Vienna, Austria.

At HANFEXPO, Austria’s largest hemp event, you can listen to experts from the medical, science, business, and political sectors who will be discussing a variety of topics such as different uses, research topics, and social developments. You can also learn about the latest industry trends and get a glimpse into the future of the cannabis market.


The historic Marx Halle in Vienna, Austria – built in 1878

Aside from the education, there will be over 150 exhibitors showing off all the latest products including clothing, cosmetics, accessories, food, building materials, and cultivation products such as fertilizers. It’s a great way to discover the true potential and versatility of hemp.

Hemp as become increasingly popular in Austria, having been voted “Medicinal Plant of the Year 2018” by the Herbal Medicinal Products Platform Austria (HMPPA). The HMPPA includes a network of doctors, professors, and a former member of the National Council, Peter Kolba. That being said, HANFEXPO is centered around providing relevant information on anything related to the cannabis plant.


HANFEXPO – The largest hemp event in Austria

This will also be the first year of the GRANDGREEN Symposium – an opportunity for startups to pitch their ideas, receive valuable feedback and networking connections, and learn about the legal framework surrounding the industry in Europe.

Marx Halle is centrally located, making the event easily accessible by public transportation or bicycle. A shuttle service will be available to take people directly to the fair grounds at regularly scheduled intervals, and there will also be bicycle parking in the vicinity.

For your convenience, an outdoor area will be set up that will have abundant seating food trucks, drinks, coffee, a vaporizer lounge, photo booths, charging stations for your laptops and mobile devices, and many other extras. Tickets and additional information can be found at!

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