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Lifestyle Guru Martha Stewart joins Canadian Cannabis producer Canopy Growth

martha stewart
Written by ceceliamaythorn

Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart has entered the cannabis industry — and not just because she appreciates a good home fragrance. 

She recently joined Canopy Growth, one of the largest cannabis producers in the world, as an adviser. She brings her “years of experience in the subject of living,” as the 77-year-old Martha Stewart explained. The first collaboration will be a line of CBD products intended for pets.

Does This Mark a Seismic Shift in Mainstream Attitudes Towards Cannabis?

“Having personalities like Martha Stewart attach their names to CBD products should send a strong signal to investors that this is becoming mainstream much faster than they may have thought,” a Syracuse University Professor of Entrepreneurial Practice told Forbes.

It’s not the first time the behemoth Canopy Growth has collaborated with more mainstream household names.

Last year, they received a $4 billion dollar investment from Constellation Brands, the maker of Corona beers. Thanks to some well-funded research and development, the company intends to produce cannabinoid beverages. These could appeal to a new demographic — perhaps one disinclined to smoke or vape. And now, maybe Martha Stewart will help Canopy reach another yet another customer base — one that doesn’t drink Coronas, either.

Could Martha Stewart Help Cannabinoids Appeal to Seniors?

martha stewart

Martha Stewart – photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Seniors are already one of the fastest-growing groups of cannabis consumers. Cannabinoids, like CBD, have shown promise for treating and preventing several of the common conditions associated with aging. For example, research suggests CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may help with arthritis.

But if you want to try Martha Stewart’s new line of CBD products, you may have to wait. She plans to start with a line of CBD supplements intended for pets, not humans. (But if you just can’t wait to try them yourself, we’re not judging.)

Martha Stewart may be able to connect with pet owners who haven’t previously considered CBD treats for their animals. Stewart owns famously luxurious pets, who frequently make guest appearances on her Instagram. Her blog includes tips for pet owners, including headlines like “Your Dog Knows When Someone is Being Rude, According to New Study.”

Rapper Snoop Dogg Helped Martha Stewart Find Her New Role with Canopy Growth

Martha Stewart first met cannabis icon Snoop Dogg when he appeared on her show. The two struck up an unlikely friendship. Snoop made headlines when he claimed he’d gotten Stewart high, but he was just talking about the possibility of a contact high from second-hand smoke. “She don’t partake,” he later clarified.

While she may not smoke pot herself, Stewart feels “liberal” about the issue, she recently told reporters. She was especially disturbed when she discovered how many people were locked up for low-level drug offenses. She learned about this problem first-hand, while serving a five-month prison sentence after being convicted of insider trading.

Prison was an eye-opener for Stewart, who is known for enjoying the finer things in life (like sleeping on freshly-changed linens every single night). She was alarmed by the indignity, the treatment by the guards, and the number of people serving time for non-violent crimes. When the former felon met Snoop Dogg, a friendship blossomed. Today, the two even co-star in a cooking show together.

For Martha Stewart, CBD Treats for Pets May be Just the Beginning

The collaboration will eventually include CBD treats for humans, too. But for now, Stewart’s products will help fabulous pets live their best lives. No word yet on whether Stewart’s own pets (which include Chow Chows, French bulldogs, Persian cats, a Fell pony, and Friesian horses) are fans of CBD.

Still, it doesn’t take an insider trading tip to know that Canopy Growth, one of the largest publicly-traded cannabis corporations, is onto something.

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