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First Globally-Focused Cannabis Conference in the United States

cannabis business conference
Written by Alexandra Hicks

Portland is the place to be for all cannabis and hemp business leaders at the end of this month.

The Global Cannabis Business Development Conference 2019 will be held on February 28th and March 1st in Portland, Oregon. It’s the first event of its kind. This is an excellent opportunity for the US market to about global views of the cannabis and hemp industries, as well as to discover new trends, scientific discoveries, and business opportunities from around the world.

Experience an educational mix of interactive round table discussions, case study presentations, hands-on workshops, and Q&A sessions with a slew of knowledgeable industry professionals. The event is set up in a way that allows attendees to move freely between sessions so they can choose to see only what’s most interesting and relevant to them.

cannabis business conference

Sponsors and contributors of the Global Cannabis Business Development Conference 2019

Many key players of the US Cannabis and Hemp industries will be in attendance at this B2B conference, in addition to international speakers from the most important global aspects of the cannabis world. From the regulatory side, speakers such as Florian Rister, Vice CEO from the German Cannabis Association, will provide insight into dominant international markets.

The CBD industry will be represented by Tim Phillips, Director of the CBD-intel platform who has expert international knowledge of different global outlooks of the CBD industry. Adam Miron, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer at HEXO, will compare situations between the US and the Canadian markets.

Expert International Cannabis Advisor Charles Feldmann from Colorado Cannabis Law Group Feldmann Nagel Cantafio Margulis Gonnell PLLC will deliver a complete picture of the international regulation situation and offer key advice about the risks and hurdles one may encounter when expanding to international cannabis markets.

Check out the complete event agenda and buy your tickets, click here, and make sure to use the coupon code CBDTESTERS at checkout for a 20% discount. Check back for more information about the Global Cannabis Business Development Conference in different countries, plus posts about other upcoming events. Future events will be held in the following locations:

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