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Review of Joy Organics High-End CBD Skincare Line

joy organics skincare
Written by Alexandra Hicks

If you’re looking for high-end CBD skincare products that are safe and effective, look no further than Joy Organics.

The new skincare line from Joy Organics is safe, soothing, and dermatologist-approved for all skin types. It’s made using top notch, full-spectrum CBD oil and a combination of other natural extracts. Also, I know in the grand scheme of things this isn’t on most people’s checklist when shopping for skincare products… but I absolutely love their packaging. It’s sleek, modern, and feminine; and what can I say, I’m a sucker for good branding.

I’ve been using the full line of products for about 2 weeks now and here’s what I thought about each product. If you want to try it out for yourself, they’re running an amazing special from now until Valentine’s day, Thursday at midnight. Just use the coupon code SPREADLOVE2019 at checkout for 25% off of any skincare product, even stuff that’s already discounted!

CBD Day and Night Creams

joy organics skincare

25% off Joy Organics day cream and night cream

Both of these creams are light yet still very moisturizing. Each contains 100mg of full-spectrum CBD oil combined with other natural extracts such as sweet almond oil, shea butter, citrus chamomile essential oil, verbena, and lavender. They’re perfect for anyone with a normal skin type. For those with dry skin like me, continue reading.

Buy the DAY CREAM here.
Buy the NIGHT CREAM here.

CBD Eye Serum and Face Serum

joy organics skincare

25% off Joy Organics eye serum and face serum

If your skin tends to get dry easily, these serums could certainly do wonders for you like they did for me. Both are powerful and extremely soothing for that sensitive skin around your eyes and the rest of your face. The eye serum contains 150mg of full-spectrum CBD oil and the face serum has 90mg. The CBD is mixed with aloe vera, cucumber extract, alfalfa extract, lupine protein, rose hip, milk thistle, peptides, and citrus chamomile essential oil.

Buy the EYE SERUM here.
Buy the FACE SERUM here.

CBD Face Mask

joy organics skincare

25% off Joy Organics face mask

This mask is fantastic! Use it right after washing your face to fight the damage done to your skin by pollution and other environmental toxins. My face felt soft and renewed after I tried it. It’s the perfect combination of full-spectrum CBD oil (10mg), black licorice, rosemary, and other natural extracts. Finish off with a nice moisturizer and your skin is ready to take on the world once more!

Buy the FACE MASK here.

If all these CBD skincare products from Joy Organics sound like something you can’t live without, then subscribe to the CBD Deals Weekly. Keep in mind that it’s already listed for 15% off. If you use this promotion you get an additional 25% off for a total discount of 40% off!

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