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5 Tips to Quit Smoking Forever

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Written by Jessica Cam

If you’ve been searching on the internet for ways to quit smoking and have a healthier lifestyle, you’re not alone. Nothing is impossible, not even quitting smoking if you really try.

Once you quit smoking, you’ll experience a number of subtle and significant changes in your body and health.

For instance: your lungs, arteries, and heart will start the journey of self-repairing. People who smoke continuously cause extreme damage to their bodies which can easily be seen, but quitting smoking can often reverse the damage. Quitting can make your skin look smoother and softer, and it can get rid of that awful ‘smoker breath’. With no more tobacco in your body you can essentially become fresh again. Yellow teeth will start to lose the yellow color and become white again slowly, fingernails will return to their original color.

The reason why you should think about quitting smoking is that it’s just plain bad for health. Among other things, tobacco cigarettes contain tons of cancer-causing agents in the form of tar.

What if you could easily quit smoking?

What if you could easily quit smoking?

Every year, millions of smokers across the globe try to quit but most are not successful. According to research done on smokers, the biggest reason why they are unable to quit is the nicotine addiction. Here we have listed 5 practical tips to help you kick that nasty habit:

Financial incentives

A new study conducted in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that financial incentives are an effective way of quitting smoking. Over 2500 people enrolled in a CVS Caremark program, according to the study, and participants who had a financial incentive had a remarkable rate of success in quitting smoking. The most effective program was when people were required to deposit $150 and were awarded $650 later on if they were successful.

 Vaping CBD to Quit Smoking

When it comes to quitting smoking, vaping CBD can help reduce or eliminate a lot of the negative effects of nicotine withdrawal. One of the best ways to help yourself quit smoking is to start vaping CBD.

Vape Tobacco

While we still have much to learn about the long term effects of vaping nicotine products, it has shown to be a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes do not contain the cancer causing agents that cigarettes do, and for this reason are a good choice for those who want to quit. You can gradually lessen the amount of nicotine consumption with vaping until you’re done.


Exercising is one of the most effective ways to help you quit. Regular exercize will help your body function better, give a new habit to replace the smoking, and help deal with the uncomfortable feelings of quitting. Though regular exercize is great for everyone, it is a particularly good tool for those trying to quit smoking.

Create New Habits

Last but not least, smoking is a habit that gets burned into the brain. Part of recovering is replacing the old behavior with a new one. Go for a jog when you feel cravings, or check the news, or play a game on your phone. Create new things to do with your time so that the habit of smoking is no longer relevant to you.

Quitting smoking might be one of the most difficult things you’ll accomplish, but with work, effort, and the right information, it can be done!

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Jessica Cam

Jessica is a vape a blogger at LonHornVapor, and love exploring untapped destinations by travelling around the world. In addition to managing her full day job, she is also passionate about helping the society.