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Smoke Hemp Flowers For Less Than $3.5/g

Elektra hemp flower: $3.2/g
Written by Ofer Shoshani

The latest harvest is finally coming to shops, and you can now smoke hemp flowers for less than $3.5/g (as long as you’re subscribed to our Recreational CBD Weekly)…

In recent times, the price for premium hemp flowers was just about $10/g. This year’s latest harvest has brought prices down and subscribers of the Recreational CBD Weekly can smoke hemp flowers now for less than $3.5/g.

Premium hemp flowers high in CBD with THC levels within legal limits can be hard to find. But good quality, hand-picked, trimmed, seedless, and perfectly cured hemp buds are considered the best CBD products, due to the large number of health benefits they offer to users. Recently we were asked by many hemp farmers to feature their premium hemp flowers in our newsletter in exchange for exclusive discounts. As a result, we can now offer our readers who are looking to smoke hemp flowers, the best available products, for the lowers possible price.

Smoke Hemp Flowers for $3.2/g: Suver Haze

Smoke Hemp Flowers for $3.2/g: Suver Haze

It’s been a great harvest. The quality of premium hemp flowers keeps rising with CBD levels as high as 18%. And finally there is enough supply to answer the rising demand for these CBD flowers. Everyday more websites enter the busy CBD market and new products are available to buy. While last year we saw a big rise in the amount of  ‘medicinal CBD’ products, such as CBD oil, softgels, patches, topicals and inhalers, we can now see a big shift toward ‘Recreational CBD‘ products, led by premium hemp flowers, CBD vapes and terpene-infused isolates.

Until recently, there was just too much demand for the short supply, so vendors who had product could raise prices. However, as the product of this past harvest is hitting the market, a price war has begun and people looking to smoke hemp flowers can now get the same product for half of what is used to cost only a month ago.

Smoke hemp flowers for less than $3.5/g

Smoke hemp flowers for less than $3.5/g

Online shops have worked to preserve their margins by changing their deals from selling single flowers for $9-10/g, into the new 7g jars, often sold for $39,99 ($5.7/g). As the west coast starts delivering higher level product, the new trend has become offering 1Oz (28g) for a round $100. This is great already, but add an the exclusive discount we offer to the subscribers of our Recreational CBD Weekly newsletter, and you can literally smoke high quality hemp flower for at most $3.2/g.

Phew! Just in time for the holidays (when you sure need that CBD to deal with all the family stress) make sure to stock up on your favorite strains, and for 1/3 of the price you used to pay.

It’s hard to know if these prices will remain steady as this market is new and constantly changing. However, as more people learn about and experience the many benefits vaping hemp flowers has, it’s quite possible we’ll see more hemp farmers selling directly to customers in the future.

Contact us if you would like to see your products featured at the Recreational CBD Weekly newsletter.


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