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CBD Testers Weekly – The Medical Benefits of Vaping Hemp

Control for inflammation with CBD
Written by Ofer Shoshani

This week for the CBD Testers Weekly we’ll be looking at high-CBD buds and check what are the medical benefits of vaping hemp flowers?

We will also help you to identify the best CBD product for you, learn how to take CBD when travelling, ask should CBD be taken daily and look at cannabis marketing and the dark web.

As always, between the articles we will be featuring some nice products for you to try.

The Medical Benefits of Vaping Hemp Flowers

Medical benefits of vaping hemp flowers

Medical benefits of vaping hemp flowers

Since the benefits of vaping hemp flowers are felt within minutes, it is quickly becoming the most popular delivery method for CBD.

The good news is that there are some medical conditions that are particular suited for vaping hemp flowers.  Learn about the medical benefits of vaping hemp flowers.

What Is The Best CBD Products For You?

Best CBD Products

Best CBD Products

We all know that CBD is good for you, but finding the best CBD product is a pain, since there are so many ‘good’ products in the market today…

Struggling to decide which CBD products is the best one for you? CBD Softgels, isolates, topicals, tinctures, flowers, inhalers or something else? You are not alone anymore!

How to Take CBD on Vacations

Taking CBD on your vacation

Taking CBD on your vacation

As more and more people are using CBD daily, the question of how to take CBD on vacations and business trips arises.

Planning to go on a trip soon, learn how to take CBD on vacations.

Califlower CBD Nugs: One Of The Best Recreational CBD Products

Califlower Nugs (stash)

CaliFlower Nugs (Stash)

If you are looking for good high-CBD hemp flowers, you should check the new Califlower CBD Nugs.

With 19.25% CBD, great terpene profiles, and affordable price, the Califlower CBD Nugs  are among the leading recreational CBD products currently available in the US.

Should CBD Be Taken Daily?

Should CBD Be Taken Daily?

Should CBD be treated as a food supplements? Should it be taken daily?
Since so many people take vitamins and/or food supplements every day because they want to make sure they are getting all their daily requirements, we must ask, should we do the same with CBD?

Should You Be Taking CBD Daily?

Limitations On Cannabis Marketing Sends Traffic To The Wrong Place

Cannabis marketing and the dark web

Cannabis Marketing and the dark web

You own a successful medical cannabis business, helping people daily, but when you have tried to promote it online you got your facebook account cancelled…

One of the unwanted results coming from the limitations of marketing cannabis products, is a sharp rise in sales of cannabis products in the dark web

200mg Grand Daddy Purple Disposable CBD Vape Pen

200mg Grand Daddy Purple Disposable CBD Vape Pen

If you are looking for a long-lasting CBD vape pen, you should try the 200mg grand daddy purple disposable CBD vape pen. The 200mg size means you’ll have plenty of CBD to get you through every day with ease and vaping is one of the most effective way to use CBD…

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