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How to Take CBD on Vacations

Taking CBD on your vacation
Written by Julie Godard

As more and more countries legalize cannabis, patients and consumers of CBD are increasingly taking CBD on vacations and business trips. Why not? You deserve to be as comfortable on holiday as you are at home. In this article we’ll take a look at CBD, where it’s legal, and how to take it on any type of vacation.

What is CBD and What is It Used For?

Before discussing the various ways of taking CBD on vacations, let’s understand what is CBD and what is it used for.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a cannabis compound used medicinally that does not produce a “high” like THC (another cannabis compound). CBD was first isolated by Dr. Roger Adams at the University of Illinois in 1940, but was not fully understood until 1963 when Dr. Raphael Mechoulam of Hebrew University in Israel determined the structure of CBD and isolated THC. Today, some companies produce CBD oils, capsules, and edibles for medicinal use in countries across the world.

Dr. Mechoulam currently studies the effects of CBD on pain, inflammation, high blood pressure, and cancer and cancer symptoms. Uruguay legalized cannabis in 2017, Canada has recently legalized all types of cannabis including CBD, Israel and the Netherlands have extensive and successful cannabis research programs, and the United States FDA has just approved Epidiolex, a drug meant for two different rare forms of childhood epilepsy. Epidiolex contains CBD. While claims about CBD vary online, individual results depend on the individual, and consulting with your doctor or medical professional before use is recommended.

CBD can also used recreationally, since medical benefits of recreational CBD has a great potential to improve your life. Some of the common ways to use CBD recreationally, are vaping hemp flowers, using a CBD vape juice, CBD edibles and more.

Special Sauce hemp flower (US) - From the Recreational CBD Weekly newsletter

Special Sauce hemp flower (US) – From the Recreational CBD Weekly newsletter

Where is CBD Legal or Decriminalized?

While CBD and medical cannabis may be decriminalized, legalized, or simply allowed in a certain country, the laws regarding which medical conditions it can be used for (and how much is allowed per person or patient) varies from country to country. Do yourself a favor and do your research before traveling. Here’s some help to get you started:

Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Puerto Rico
United Kingdom
United States

How Do I Take CBD on Vacations?

Taking CBD on vacations shouldn’t be complicated, provided the areas you’re traveling to recognize CBD as a legal form of medication or a legal nutritional supplement. When preparing for your holiday, check with local governments where you’ll be traveling and ask them if you need a doctor’s prescription to carry your CBD. To be on the safe side, carrying a prescription or a note from your doctor stating you use CBD as treatment for a medical issue is a good idea. Never take CBD into an area where it is illegal.

Taking CBD on an Airplane

The best way to take CBD on vacation is to double-check with your local airport to make sure you are allowed to pack it. Do not take CBD on the airplane on your person, but pack it in your luggage with other medications, vitamins, or supplements. Your baggage will be scanned prior to loading onto the plane, but since CBD is legal in so many places, it should arrive at your destination.

Amnesia Jelly CBD Hash. While legal, might not be the best thing to carry with you on a plane...

Amnesia Jelly CBD Hash. While legal, might not be the best thing to carry with you on a plane…

Taking CBD on a Cruise

Taking CBD on a cruise or a boat should be handled the same way as taking it on an airplane. Simply pack your CBD with your other toiletries or prescriptions, and enjoy your ocean voyage!

Taking CBD on a Road Trip

Taking CBD on vacations such as road trips may be less complicated than taking it on an airplane or a cruise. First, determine exactly to which areas your road trip will take you to; plotting your course on a map ahead of time can save worry on your vacation. Pack your CBD in luggage and keep it in the trunk of the car when you’re driving, and do not carry it into any illegal areas.

Vacationing and holidays can be much more enjoyable with CBD. Do your research on legalization, medical use, and decriminalization and have a great time.

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