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CBD Testers Weekly – Is Cannabis Going To Be Rescheduled?

Written by Ofer Shoshani

This week we will be looking at the World Health Organization, finally thinking about rescheduling cannabis. This brave move, doomed to be stopped by the politicians, is a step in the right direction. Is there a place for hope?

World Health Organization To Possibly Reschedule Cannabis

And now for the most exciting piece of cannabis-related news: earlier this month, members from two separate organizations – Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and International Medical Cannabis Patients Coalition (IMCPC) – delivered a powerful speech at the World Health Organization (WHO) highlighting the value of medical cannabis.

The panel was so moved by ASA’s and IMCPC’s testimony that they agreed to review medical cannabis and possibly reschedule cannabis from the dreaded Schedule 1 category.

NY Looking to Use Cannabis in Fight Against Opioid Addiction Crises
What if you were prescribed a medication by your doctor that ended up causing a massive physical addiction? What if your life became rooted around finding that drug to stave off the effects of withdrawal? And what if something as simple as cannabis, and its constituent component CBD, could help get you off the drug while still giving relief to the initial problem…
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New Study Suggests CBD Might Be Newest and Safest Antidepressant
As the use of antidepressants increases (about 13% of Americans are on them), the question of how long they take to actually start working – or to know that they will work – can become an issue. New evidence now suggests that the compound CBD (cannabidiol) found in cannabis not only shows great promise as an antidepressant, but one that shows effects nearly immediately.
Is It Legal To Smoke Hemp Flowers In Public?

For people who count on CBD to give them relief, laws against smoking hemp flowers in public can be an issue.

If you’re a medical cannabis patient or you smoke hemp regularly to give you relief, you’ll know the problems associated with lighting up in public. And it’s not just smoking hemp cigarettes that you have to worry about, many patients also vaporize hemp flowers to treat their various medical conditions. Is It Legal To Smoke Hemp Flowers In Public?

Getting It up – and Keeping It up – with CBD
Though there are many factors that can cause impotence, new evidence is giving way to hope that CBD might be an emerging antidote for it. So how can CBD help you in the bedroom?
CBD Side Effects: How Bad Can They Be?
Fortunately for CBD users and those interested to learn more about it, this post about CBD side effects isn’t going to be very long at all. It doesn’t need to be… Learn more about CBD side effects..

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