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Cannabis ‘Strain Hunters’ Are On A Quest To Preserve Rare Species

Written by Joe Powers

In a perfect combination of business and pleasure cannabis ‘Strain Hunters’ are traveling the world on a mission to preserve cannabis

For over 34 years, Strain Hunters have been traveling the world on a mission. Their simple mission involves a “call to duty” to preserve and enjoy this amazing plant. While watching their YouTube channel, it becomes quite clear they work hard. It is VERY necessary to work this hard when it comes to discovering and preserving the next rare cannabis strain. 

This is exactly what Strain Hunters are doing. They are scouring the world, searching for the next great cannabis strain to bring home to win a cannabis cup. This is no small task, especially when these parts of the world are some of the most isolated places known to man. Yet, going into these unknown territories holds a solid theory. The theory is, you’ll very likely uncover an unknown cannabis strain, the more remote you go. And this is exactly what Strain Hunters have been succeeding at since the beginning.

Cannabis enthusiasts CRAVE the cannabis strains from the exotic locations. These “random” locations tend to continue to yield more interesting and colorful flowerings. Random and unheard of spots such as Swaziland have remarkable fields of bright colors and subtle hues. Before the passing of a founding member, Franco Loja (May 20, 1974 – Jan. 2, 2017), he gave a vibrant description of his experiences.

Franco describes Swaziland cannabis fields as follows:

“We arrived early in the morning and the plants were still wet. Shining. And the first rays of the sun came up on the field, it was glittering like diamonds in the buds. Only outer resin can have that particular glow with the sunlight that something is so magical and so beautiful.”

Experiencing adventures through the eyes of Franco triggers high desires to seek strains like they are bringing back home to us. These expeditions are SO incredible, they tend to make you want to get up off the couch and go travel to these exotic, off the map, locations.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to vacation in Jamaica and experience the culture like they did? How interesting would it be to visit Colombia and inhale their version of the best weed in the world?

As you watch these (40 – 60 ish minute) shows, without realizing it, a lot of learning is taking place. Seeing how cannabis is grown from all over the world and watching how various cultures cultivate their cultivar. Learn how many different and unique ways different parts of the world consume their green. 

Tour luxurious cannabis field after field. Stand in awe–and jealousy–as you watch them brush their elbows on fresh sun grown cannabis. All while enjoying amazing sound tracks, relevant to the country they’re strain hunting in.

Feel your mouth water as the camera operators zoom ALL the way up to show off how different each unique plant truly displays. Appreciate the endless beauty you get to observe. Stand, or sit, with your jaw locked open as you get to SEE the shimmering crystals glitter within the swelling buds. Field after field, after ENDLESS field, of our favorite plant in existence.

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