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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Crumble

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Written by Jack Woodhouse

As CBD becomes more mainstream, the amount and variety of CBD-containing products grow. I’m sure you’ve all heard of CBD oil, capsules, and gummy bears, but what about CBD crumble?

CBD crumble has many attractive features. It’s potent, fast-acting, and you only need a small amount. But just what is CBD crumble? How is it made? And how do you use it? Read on to find out why CBD crumble is one of the best options for many ‘medical’ or recreational CBD consumers.

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What is CBD crumble?

CBD crumble can consist of as much as 99% CBD. It is the result of an extraction of a cannabis plant, often a hemp variety (cannabis with low THC levels). Once extracted, the substance is left to set, either naturally or in an oven, until it forms a waxy, crumble-like consistency.

If it is full spectrum, it can also consist of terpenes, flavonoids, and small amounts of other cannabinoids.  

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3 benefits of CBD crumble

1. Potency – As stated above, CBD crumble can be as much as 99% CBD. This means that you only need a small amount for an effective dose. This can make it suitable for people who require high amounts of CBD to treat their medical condition.

2. Fast-acting – Especially when vaporized or smoked, CBD crumble has an extremely fast-acting effect. This is particularly important for those of you treating debilitating conditions like chronic pain that need immediate relief.

3. Convenient – CBD wax packs a punch yet is small and convenient to carry around. It also doesn’t smell and can be quickly and discreetly consumed in a variety of ways.

How do you use CBD crumble?

  • Dabbing/vaporizing

Probably the most common way to consuming CBD crumble is by vaporizing or ‘dabbing’. Dabbing is the process of heating a small amount of crumble until it vaporizes and then inhaling the vapour. This can be done with a dab rig (similar to a bong) or with a dabbing pen.

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  • Smoking

CBD crumble can also be smoked. Either in a joint or bong, and sometimes along with another herb to improve the way it burns. This is an effective way to consume CBD crumble, although any type or combustion brings its own risks, especially your lung health.

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  • Eating

Making edibles with CBD crumble is also popular. This involves either simply throwing some crumble into your favourite brownie recipe, or by using the crumble to make a CBD butter and using it to cook with. Eating CBD crumble won’t produce effects very quickly, but it may be more potent once it does start to take effect.

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