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Mom Claims Medical Cannabis Saved Her Life, And Her Son’s

Written by Corre Addam

A British mom said medical cannabis and CBD cured her son’s cancer and treated her severe depression and anxiety…

Callie Blackwell from Watton in Norfolk felt no regret when she gave her 17-year-old son Deryn CBD Oil to help alleviate his cancer symptoms after he was given just three days to live by his doctors.

But just days after he started taking CBD oil, and Deryn made a remarkable recovery. Callie herself also used the medicinal tincture, and claims it totally got rid of her depression and anxiety issues which she had suffered from for years.

Being that her son was battling an extremely rare for of cancer called Langerhans cell sarcoma, Callie decided she had “nothing to lose” by giving medical cannabis to her son. That’s after three bone marrow transplants failed for Deryn.

Now Callie is campaigning for the full legalization of medical cannabis and CBD, and even wrote a book about her experience, called ‘The Boy In 7 Billion.’ She talks in the book of the struggles she and her son faced, discussing her nervous breakdown which happened in October 2014.

She also revealed in the book that she had even been harassed and threatened by a drug dealer who she was trying to get cannabis from for herself and her son, and that incident is what she says sparked her nervous breakdown.

After she was diagnosed by doctors with PTSD, she was given strong anti-anxiety drugs but they came with some nasty side effects, where CBD didn’t. For Callie, who had been through a lot by any standards, smoking cannabis, she said, relaxed her and stopped the suicidal thoughts.

Callie believes that medical cannabis saved her son’s life, and her own, and is now working daily to try to get the word out further afield, so that other patients in need can benefit from medical cannabis



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