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Good Storage Practice (GSP) For Cannabis Cultivators

Written by Eran Yona

Good Storage Practice is part of quality assurance that describes the proper storage conditions that must be kept in order to maintain the quality of pharmaceutical and medicinal products

As part of the supply chain, which include manufactured products storage and transportation, multiple risks are involved which include mix-ups, contamination and cross – contamination. The multi stage risks can be managed by assimilation of GMP principles.

The following guidelines must be met. Storage areas shall be suitably secured, structurally sound and with a sufficient capacity to allow for safe storage and handling. Storage areas shall be provided with adequate lighting and climatic conditions and prevention of unauthorized persons from entering storage areas.

Defined segregated areas and software management will be performed according to product status of the products. Storage areas should be clean and dry with temperature and humidity control. Pharmaceutical products shall be stored off the floor. Proper documentation of stock quantities and products expiration date. Products should be appropriately rotated.

In most of the cases, “first expired/first out” (FEFO) principle should be followed. Additional regulation guidelines in World Health Organization (QHO) Annex 9 Guide to good storage practices for pharmaceuticals.

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About the author

Eran Yona

Eran Yona has more than 20 years experience in the field of Biotechnology, most notably in the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries.

Prior to founding Cannabis GxP and Bio-Chem in 2007, Eran worked in R&D in the field of genetically modified plant tissue culture, as well as a product development & technology Engineer, and Production & Operations Manager in several pharmaceutical and Agri-Bio companies.

Six years ago, following Bio-Chem’s great success in consultancy and services for the Pharma and Medical industries, Eran decided to extend and expand Bio-Chem’s capabilities to the young but promising Cannabis industry.

Eran and his dedicated team have lead many Cannabis companies to regulatory, technological, and financial success.