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Indiana State Senator Inks Bill To Legalize CBD

Written by Corre Addam

It’s good news for CBD users in Indiana, as a State Senator there just proposed a bill that will legalize CBD products once and for all…

The Senator in question, who is controversial according to some people, quite surprisingly is Republican Sen. Jim Tomes of Wadesville, who said about the bill, “When we’re done, CBD will be as easy to obtain as baby aspirins.”

The new bill hasn’t come out of the blue, as it follows an in-depth TV documentary which showed Indiana State Excise Police confiscating CBD products from dozens of stores statewide, despite the wishes against that from the governor’s office, the attorney general or state police.

Furthermore, as the TV docu revealed, Indiana cops are still citing stores who stock CBD products, even though they have been told to leave them alone.

Senator Tomes spoke about the plight of people who need CBD for medical ailments, “These are families that have the horror and the anguish of dealing with medical conditions and, if that’s not bad enough, now we’re in a turmoil of what’s going to be legal and what’s not,” Tomes said. “I want this bill to just cut to the chase, just get rid of all of this unknown and just make this product legal for them.” He said.

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