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Teen Who Missed Eight Years Of School “Cured” By CBD Oil Claims Mother

Written by Corre Addam

By the age of 15, Tom Bethell from Norfolk in the UK had missed the best part of eight years of school due to extreme fatigue which led to suicidal thoughts.

Poor Tom was a normal kid like his peers in so many ways. However, due to his insomnia, and other related issues, he missed out on so much in life, according to a recent report in The Daily Mail.

According to Tom’s mother, Sarah Thomas, CBD oil has “completely changed his life and alleviated his symptoms,” allowing him to lead a normal life and even return to school.

CBD Oil, not to be confused with Cannabis Oil, is made from a compound in cannabis called cannabidiol, which is a non-psychoactive part of the plant, associated with healing and wellbeing.

While CBD is legal in the UK, it isn’t currently licensed as a medicine. That fact doesn’t bother Tom though, who feels a lot better since he’s been taking the CBD.

Tom had become so ill that his mother, who was also his full-time carer, said, “Tom had no energy at all and was in a complete brain fog. He would fall over 20 or 30 times a day, he was completely debilitated. His memory was poor, he couldn’t even breathe properly.”

Sarah had the idea to give the CBD Oil to Tom following a recommendation from her mother, who had found significant relief form using CBD Oil for her Crohn’s disease. Sarah explained that, “It’s (CBD Oil) kick-started his growth, he shot up 11 inches in nine months. Even his hair had stopped growing and now it’s started again. He’s now hit puberty, he’s got body hair and leg hair, he went up two shoe sizes in eight weeks. His memory is better and he can retain information.”

While it’s great news for Tom Bethell, it is also vital to spread the good word about CBD so that other people can gain relief from their medical ailments. The fact that CBD is legal in the UK and in most countries in Europe, it stands to reason that the US will follow suit soon, and that move would be a serious game0changer for the industry.

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