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CBD Reduces Anxiety Connected With Public Speaking

CBD Reduces Anxiety
Written by Joe Powers

A common phobia that binds us, humans, together is the fear of public speaking

Public speaking anxiety is a form of performance anxiety that can paralyse the rational mind.

This anxiety forms when you are overly conscious that you may “look” anxious. A type of self-consciousness that gets amplified the more you prop the fear up on a pedestal. By using your creative imagination in a destructive way, you are only increasing your public speaking anxiety.

In a more generalized sense, Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is one of the most common forms of anxiety. These social anxieties have the tendency to add a shade of “grey” to an otherwise potentially VIBRANT social life. Thus preventing you from enjoying your life to the fullest you are capable of.

As time moves forward, most people end up protecting themselves by one of two ways. They usually seek protection by either steering clear of public speaking or by continuing to struggle. Public speaking doesn’t necessarily have to involve a stage and an audience. It could be you talking to a group of friends or family.

What other options do you have when everything you’ve tried doesn’t seem to work? Do you continue to struggle, avoid public speak, or do you keep looking for solutions to overcome your public speaking anxiety

If you are reading this article now, you’ve demonstrated that you are a winner because you are still looking for answers. And with cannabidiol (CBD) having a WELL KNOWN anxiolytic (used to reduce anxiety) effect, we have discovered a study that might shine some light on solving public speaking anxiety

CBD is a non-psychotomimetic molecule in cannabis and hemp. In this study, conducted in 2011 and published in Neuropsychopharmacology, they have concluded the following. Those who received CBD showed a significant reduction of anxiety. Their speech performance discomforts decreased as well as their cognitive impairments. Also, there’s a significant decrease in their alerted anticipatory speech.

When researchers looked at the placebo group, the results were exactly the opposite. The placebo group had higher anxiety, increased cognitive impairment, and more discomfort. Final results, CBD reduced public speaking anxiety.

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