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Why we don’t do Black Friday deals

Written by Ofer Shoshani

CBD Testers is all about your health. Our Quality Assurance department invest hours of time and effort in the search for the best CBD products on the market. Unfortunately, we find that many CBD products are unsafe, of poor quality or not tested with the appropriate lab results. But, these days, how can you know which CBD products are legit and which are not? The beauty of the CBD Testers Program is that we remove all the guesswork for you, and search for the “right” manufacturers, qualify them and verify their products are in compliance with all our quality requirements, before you receive them.

Our in-house team, drawing on years of combined experience, audit manufacturer quality system and take a close look at each and every product we receive, check the safety, efficacy quality of the product, and all relevant lab results closely. As we are looking for quality above all else, we will only offer you deals that you can trust, having been pre-approved by us.

Following our rigid approval process we ask our qualified manufacturers to offer our participants group discounts, which are ongoing, and not just on Fridays, black or otherwise. Within the next week or two we will be introducing our first suppliers that were qualified successfully, and we have more in the pipeline.

If you want the best quality CBD products available, at the very best prices, don’t wait for Black Friday — Join CBD Testers today.

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Ofer Shoshani

Ofer Shoshani is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Cannadelics.