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CBD Suppositories: The Fastest Way To Effective Pain Relief

Written by Jack Woodhouse

It may not be everyone’s chosen method of taking CBD, but consuming it via suppositories is a very efficient and fast-working way of getting CBD into your bloodstream.  

As you may or may not know, the rectum and vagina absorb readily. When administered rectally or vaginally, CBD directly enters the bloodstream through the cell walls and is quickly dispersed through the vascular system.

Although possibly uncomfortable for some, CBD suppositories are especially useful for those treating serious conditions, as the effect is felt within 10 to 15 minutes.

Additionally, CBD suppositories deliver around 80 percent of the plant medicine to the bloodstream, which makes it a very efficient method compared to, say, taking CBD orally, which delivers only around 35 percent.

Therefore, making use of these unconventional application routes with CBD suppositories could add a very efficient string to your bow, so to speak.


Due to their efficiency and fast-acting nature, CBD suppositories are extremely effective at treating and serious conditions such as multiple sclerosis, chemotherapy side-effects and chronic pain conditions. This effectiveness also makes suppositories very useful at lowering inflammation, which plays a role in all manner of health problems.   

Not for the faint of heart, CBD suppositories may be best suited to those treating less serious conditions or with those you use CBD as a preventative treatment or as a health supplement.


CBD suppositories come in a range of strengths, but 10-20mg once or twice a day is a good place to start. If symptoms persist, increase the dose as needed. Once the effects take hold, there is no need consume anymore.  

When it comes to administering the CBD suppositories, be sure to wash your hands, lie on your side, relax, and slide the suppository beyond the muscular sphincter by about 2.5 – 4cm, but no more. Try to refrain from a bowel movement for at least twenty minutes.


  • Efficiently absorbed
  • Fast working


  • Uncomfortable for some
  • Indiscreet application

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