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FDA Requesting CBD Feedback From Cannabis Patients

Legalized Marijuana Could Help Curb the Opioid Epidemic
Written by Corre Addam

In an unexpected and sudden turn of events, the FDA announced that it is all set to ask consumers and patients to give them feedback regarding CBD

No, it’s not fake news, you read the headline correctly. While the FDA will also be looking for the negatives when it comes to CBD, such as trafficking, side effects etc, they are asking for immediate input, potentially heralding a new era for cannabis in America.

The FDA is asking people to submit comments to their website. The information they collate there will then be given to the World Health Organization for consideration. This is all so that the FDA can finally categorize CBD properly, and be in tandem with WHO.

The reason the FDA is doing this now is basically because the lie that cannabis is not medicine is running pretty thin these days. The therapeutic plant, which has seen some amazing results in the limited clinical studies carried out on it so far, is still a schedule 1 drug, according to the FDA, akin to cocaine and even heroin.

That scheduling issue means that to date, no American company can ship CBD internationally, and that means somebody somewhere isn’t making as much money as they could. Hence, the screws and cogs have started slowly spinning, in favor of taking a candid and honest look at medical cannabis and its numerous benefits.

It’s no secret that the FDA is confused when it comes to cannabis legality, as they already declared a while back that “CBD has been shown to be beneficial.” What? We thought you said cannabis is a dangerous drug and also a gateway drug, no? It’s also known that the FDA has already approved multiple Cannabis THC derived synthetic medications, as well as CBD derivatives.

Now it just remains to be seen what feedback will be given to the FDA, and how they will relay that to WHO. Then comes the intricate and delicate stage of actually admitting that cannabis really isn’t the dangerously addictive drug that the FDA claimed it to be for years. While of course having no issue at all approving know-to-be dangerous drugs such as opioids. The opioid epidemic in America today speaks for itself, so let’s hope the FDA finally wakes up and stops to smell the coffee, or in this case…

(Original Author Credit: Addam Corre – Cannatech.News – August 15, 2017)

[Image credit- Flickr]

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