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Cannabis Website Herb Receives $4.1 Million In Funding

Written by Corre Addam

Herb have been producing the highest quality cannabis-related content arguably on the web for years. Now it’s time for investment…

New Cannabis funding: The cutting-edge website just announced that they have managed to raise just over $4 million from companies such as Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Slow Ventures, Buddy Media, Bullpen Capital, Shiva Rajarama, and Liquid 2 Ventures.

Owner of Liquid 2, former NFL star, Joe Montana, said about the new investment, “During our research into the cannabis industry, it became clear to both myself and our team at Liquid 2 Ventures that HERB was the most professionally run business for relevant, informative, cannabis content.”

Herb’s humble roots started with a site called The Stoner’s Cookbook, but was then rebranded in 2015, and upgraded to Herb. It now offers the latest news related to the world of cannabis, as well as informative videos and viral topics. Tubular Labs claim the site gets in the order of 5.3 million views per month.

Gray said about Herb, “We don’t see ourselves as just a website. We were always setting out to build a technology platform.” Adding that, “There’s a very real stigma that exists around cannabis today and our viewpoint on things here at Herb is that yesterday’s social stigmas become tomorrow’s social norms. We’re trying to present the best face that we can for this industry and bring cannabis into the mainstream,” he said.


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