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50% of Australians Favor Home Cultivation Of Cannabis

50% of Australians Favor Home Cultivation Of Cannabis
Written by PsychePen

The new bill allows NSW residents to possess up to 50g of dried cannabis and grow up to six plants at home.

Summary: A recent survey in Australia reveals a significant shift in public opinion towards cannabis legalization. The survey, conducted by YouGov, found that 50% of Australians support legalizing the cultivation of cannabis plants at home for personal use. This change in attitude is reflected in a bill introduced to the NSW parliament, proposing decriminalization and legalization of home cultivation of cannabis.

Growing Support Among Australians for Home Cultivation of Cannabis

Australian voters are increasingly in favor of decriminalizing and home cultivation of cannabis for personal use. This shift in public opinion is evident from a bill introduced to the NSW parliament, which aims to reform cannabis laws. According to a YouGov survey conducted in December with 1,555 participants, half of the Australians support legalizing the home cultivation of cannabis plants for personal use, while 31% oppose and 19% remain undecided. Additionally, 54% favor decriminalizing cannabis, with 33% against it and 12% undecided.

The survey results indicate that the majority of people under 65 support decriminalizing cannabis. The bill, jointly drafted by the Legalise Cannabis Party, the Animal Justice Party, and the Greens, allows NSW residents to possess up to 50g of dried cannabis and grow up to six plants at home. It also permits gifting plants to friends and family, provided there is no sale involved.

Legal Cannabis MP Jeremy Buckingham introduced the bill, aiming to reduce the number of First Nations people charged under drug possession laws, which he considers racist. Government data reveals that First Nations people are disproportionately affected by cannabis-related police interactions. Between 2020 and 2022, 54,174 people were caught with cannabis, and 19,232 of them were Indigenous.

YouGov’s Director of Polling, Amir Daftari, noted that the survey results show a consistent majority support for the cannabis legalization bill across states and age groups. The bill has been referred to a committee for further discussion before the NSW government’s expected drug summit in 2024.

Why It Matters: The growing support for cannabis legalization in Australia signifies a major shift in societal attitudes towards cannabis use. This change could lead to significant reforms in drug laws, potentially reducing the criminalization of cannabis users and addressing racial disparities in drug law enforcement.

Potential Implications: If the bill passes, it could pave the way for more liberal cannabis policies in Australia, potentially influencing other regions to reconsider their stance on cannabis. It could also lead to a reduction in drug-related arrests and a shift in focus towards public health approaches to drug use.

Source: VICE

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