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Medical Cannabis Use Shows No Cognitive Impairment in Chronic Health Patients

Medical Cannabis Use Shows No Cognitive Impairment in Chronic Health Patients
Written by PsychePen

How might this research influence future guidelines for medical marijuana prescriptions?

Summary: A study published in CNS Drugs found no evidence of cognitive impairment in patients with chronic health conditions using medical marijuana. The research, conducted in Australia, involved 40 participants self-administering a single dose of medical cannabis and undergoing neuropsychological tests. The findings suggest minimal acute impact on cognitive function, contrasting with the effects of recreational cannabis use.

Study Reveals Medical Marijuana Does Not Create Cognitive Impairment Function in Chronic Health Patients

The study, titled “Assessing Cannabidiol as a Therapeutic Agent for Preventing and Alleviating Alzheimer’s Disease Neurodegeneration,” conducted by researchers in Australia, examined the neurocognitive effects of medical marijuana on patients with chronic health conditions. The study involved 40 participants who self-administered a single dose of medical cannabis in a laboratory setting, following product label instructions. They were then assessed using various neuropsychological metrics, including multitasking, pattern recognition memory, reaction time, and spatial working memory.

Surprisingly, the study found no evidence of impaired cognitive function when comparing baseline with post-treatment scores. This absence of cognitive impairment was unexpected, given the substantial evidence that non-medical (recreational) cannabis use can impair a range of cognitive functions. However, these findings align with recent systematic reviews suggesting that medical cannabis may have little to no impact on cognitive function when used regularly for chronic health issues.

The study also explored differences in effects between participants who consumed cannabis flower and concentrate. Those who self-administered flower reported feeling more stoned and sedated than those who used oil. However, the magnitude of change in cognitive function did not significantly differ with product type.

Researchers noted that chronic cannabis users develop tolerance to the effects of THC, which might mitigate impairment. They advised considering potential impairment, especially after dosage increases, and cautioned against performing safety-sensitive tasks like driving until patients are on a stable dose of THC.

The study’s limitations included the lack of a placebo and the absence of screening for other drugs prior to the trial. Additionally, the controlled use of medical marijuana in the study might not reflect real-world patient usage.

Overall, the study provides valuable insights into the cognitive effects of medical marijuana, suggesting that it may not impair cognitive function in patients with chronic health conditions. This research contributes to the growing body of evidence on the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis.

Source: Marijuana Moment

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