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10 Top Tips for a Stoner on Halloween

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Written by Joseph Mcqueen

Cannabis and halloween go hand in hand – here are 10 top tips to ensure you have the best stoner experience.

Halloween is upon us and it’s time to get spooky and, for those who love the greener side of life, a little baked.

Halloween, the spookiest time of the year, is not only for the ghouls and goblins but also for those who enjoy a little herbal enhancement in their celebrations. For the cannabis enthusiasts, or as they might call it, ‘Halloweed’, navigating the Halloween festivities can be a delightful and epic adventure. From creative costume ideas, to snacks that satisfy the munchies, to horror film recommendations to social event ideas – here are 10 top tips for a stoner on Halloween.

Halloween & Cannabis

For those who are inexperienced in the beautiful romance that is Halloween and cannabis, you might be confused why these two things go so well together. Well, ‘Halloweed’ is not a term that I’ve simply made up – it’s a well-established seasonal choice. Spooky chills and weed seem to go hand in hand for several reasons, creating a unique and enjoyable combination for many enthusiasts. It’s no surprise that some of the great horror films – such as Scream or other slashers – are highly popular in the stoner community. What could be better than enjoying a joint and watching a scary movie? What could be better than quelling your munchies with some halloween candy? What could be better than having some friends over and sharing a bong as you tell your spookiest stories? Well, Daily Trojan writes:

“Cannabis is known for its ability to heighten sensory perceptions, resulting in richer tastes and louder sounds which can potentially cause side effects of paranoia. While undesirable for many (and there are strains that can minimize feelings of anxiety), cannabis just might be the perfect boost for Halloween thrill-seekers.”

But why does Halloween and cannabis go so well together? Here’s a few potential reasons:

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Creative Expression

Halloween is a celebration of creativity and self-expression through costumes and decorations. The altered state of consciousness induced by cannabis can lead to unique and imaginative costume ideas and decorations, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the creative aspects of Halloween.


Halloween, especially for adults, can be a hectic time with preparations, social gatherings, and the potential for a random devil or murderer to knock on their door any minute to demand some treats. Cannabis, known for its relaxation and stress-relief properties, can help individuals unwind and enjoy the festivities in a more laid-back way.


Cannabis has a reputation for creating positive social interactions. For those who partake, it can break down social barriers, encourage laughter, and create a more relaxed atmosphere. If you’re looking forward to some halloween parties, but don’t necessarily want to drink, cannabis could be the perfect alternative. 

10 Top Tips for A Stoner’s Halloween

So, with all this in mind, here are our 10 top tips for stoner’s this Halloween season. Some of these you may have thought of, others may be new to you. Most importantly, however, ensure you enjoy your stoner Halloween. 

1 – Costumes

If you’re going to be enjoying cannabis this Halloween, then allow your brain to run wild. Weed is known to boost imagination, so why not elevate your costume game? Sometimes costumes can seem a little embarrassing, especially as you get older, but use the cannabis-induced confidence to really have fun with it. You could even use the stoner theme as inspiration. Whether you go for the classic ‘stoner’ look with tie-dye and oversized glasses, or a famous icon from a stoner movie, try being creative. You might be surprised what your weed brain comes up with. 

2- Pumpkin Bong

You may have tried apple bongs, you may have tried a watermelon bong, but how about a pumpkin bong? It might sound ridiculous, and in many ways it is, but this Halloween could be your chance to give it a proper go. Turn pumpkin carving into a high art form by incorporating your love for cannabis. Like any fruit or vegetable, the design of the bong remains the same, you just need to try it at a bigger size (pumpkins are usually a lot bigger than apples of course). So get some friends over, get a carving knife, and give it a go. Weed Maps writes:

“Pumpkin bongs work just like any other bong. You light the weed on one end, suck in air through the other, and voila — a cloud of water-filtered smoke arrives ready to get you high… the most important decision you’ll make is the size of your pumpkin. Get an extra-large pumpkin if you’re looking to get extra-high and a small pumpkin if you’re looking for a few petite rips.”

3 – Cannabis Edibles

Whether you’re planning on having a social event, or just sitting at home alone, having some cannabis edible halloween treats is an absolute must. You can elevate the traditional Halloween candy spread by incorporating cannabis-infused edibles. From gummies to chocolates, the options are vast. Of course be mindful of dosages, and perhaps label your goodies with their THC content to ensure everyone has a good time without going overboard. Also, it probably goes without saying, but make sure you don’t accidentally hand some of these ‘special’ treats to any young trick or treaters. 

4 – Halloween Hemp Decorations

If you want to truly combine halloween and cannabis this year, why not get involved in some arts and crafts by embracing the hemp aesthetic? Hemp-based materials are environmentally friendly, as well as obviously coming from the cannabis plant. Consider incorporating hemp-based materials into your decorations, from tablecloths to banners. You can even make your own cannabis leaf garlands using hemp twine. True cannabis lovers don’t just smoke weed, they also love everything that the plant can make. 

5 – Chill-Out Space

Having a perfect chill-out space is basically an essential at Halloween. Especially if you’re planning to reach ultimate levels of relaxation.Create a designated chill-out space for those who want to relax and enjoy Halloween. Deck it out with comfy cushions, blankets, and perhaps some ambient lighting. Provide an assortment of smoking devices, whether it’s a bong, pipe, joint, or a dry herb vaporizer. You can even set the mood with ghostly green lighting. Green bulbs or LED lights can transform any space into a cannabis-friendly Halloween haven. Then, get some nice music on and have a TV nearby with a great array of horror films. 

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6 – Horror Films

Speaking of horror films, make sure you have a good selection of these for when you want to enjoy some spook. Being high can make scary films even funner to watch, so you don’t want to miss a trick. There are plenty of great movies out there, but for me I would suggest 5. The Ring, Hereditary, Midsummar, Get Out or The Shining. These films give you a bit of everything: psychological, gore and jump scares. What more do you need? Whichever films you decide to watch, make sure you have a pillow to hide behind if it all gets a bit too much. Cannabis can increase the feeling of fear afterall. 

7 – Psychedelic Playlist

Music and cannabis go hand in hand. Having a playlist – or a few – to whack out whenever the mood strikes is key. There’s two ways you can do this. You can either curate a Halloween playlist that enhances the experience for the horror-lovers out there. Or, you can Include tracks that are not only festive but also complement the mellow mood you’re aiming for. Classic stoner tunes, reggae vibes, or even some trippy electronic beats can create the perfect sonic backdrop for a Halloweed celebration. Think Jimi Hendrix, think Bob Marley, think Bob Dylan, think funk and soul. 

8 – Cannabis-Themed Games

This might sound a little confusing: what’s a cannabis-themed game? Well, when you think about it, there are actually a lot. So keep the good times rolling, and be creative. From marijuana bingo to cannabis trivia, infusing your party with games that reflect your passion can be very entertaining. You can even write a list of weed-themed quiz questions, get into teams, and see who wins. Just make sure everyone’s on the same wavelength, and perhaps have a stash of weed prizes (or munchies) for the winners. 

9 – Horror Stories

Halloween wouldn’t be halloween without scary stories. Dim the lights, get some candles, and get everyone into a circle. Everyone can enjoy their cannabis as they listen to each person’s scariest story. They can be fictional, they can be real, it doesn’t matter. Either way, they have to be really really scary. Horror films are spooky, but there’s nothing quite like a true tale of fear. Plus, with a quiet room, and THC in your system, those stories will probably seem even scarier than normal. 

10 – Halloween Walk

Nature is known to be elevated in the eye of a stoner. Suddenly the flowers are more colourful, the air purer and the smells more pungent. But what about a night time halloween walk? Suddenly, the howls of wolves are heard, the smells of blood, the sounds of potential distant screams. Of course, in reality, there’s probably no danger at all. But it’s sometimes fun to go for a little haunted walk on halloween, with a joint in hand, and see if you can enjoy the spookiness. 


Halloween and cannabis go perfectly hand in hand, so make sure you’re prepared for an ideal stoner experience. Halloween is a time to celebrate the things that bring joy, excitement and spook into our lives, and for many, that includes the calming embrace of cannabis. Whether you’re hosting a Halloweed gathering or simply enjoying a laid-back night in, these tips can help elevate your experience this year. Remember to embrace the spirit of the season, share the love, and most importantly, have a spooktacular Halloweed!

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