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Which Celebrities are Sober?

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Written by Joseph Mcqueen

Which celebrities are proudly sober? Let’s find out.

Why does fame and substance abuse seem to have an intrinsic connection? Well, the world of celebrity can come with its extreme highs – with glitz and glamour – but it also has its lows. For every celebratory glass of expensive champagne at the Oscars, comes a bottle of spirit in an attempt to block out the never ending expectation and pressure of fame.

Whether we like it or not, it seems that being famous is not actually as great as those of us who have not experienced it expect. In recent years, a notable trend has emerged, with several well-known figures publicly embracing sobriety. We’re going to be exploring the stories of some celebrities who have chosen a life of abstinence, shedding light on their journeys, motivations, and the impact of their decisions on their careers and personal lives. Let’s do this.

Fame & Substance

So why does fame and alcohol seem to have this weird connection? Firstly, it’s important to fully understand what being famous actually entails. As ‘muggles’ we often get sold the idea – by the media and general culture – of celebrity being an existence that keeps on giving. In a sense, this is completely correct. Celebrities can have almost anything they want. They get access to the most exclusive events on the planet, they get wealth, they get cars, they get mansions, they get attractive partners, they get the best health care – what is there not to envy? Well, unfortunately, happiness doesn’t really work like that. If money was genuinely the cure for mental health then there wouldn’t be a long list of celebrities that have died young from substance abuse or mental unrest. Psychalive writes:

“Being famous is variously described as leaving the person feeling: “lonely; not secure; you have a bubble over you; family space is violated; a sense of being watched; living in a fishbowl; like a locked room; and, familiarity that breeds inappropriate closeness.”

The issue is that the allure of celebrity is almost too glamorous to ignore. Many people get dragged in, and then their lives are never the same. Then comes the cameras, the attention, the social media criticising, the events – all of which push individuals to the use of numbing substances. The likes of alcohol, cocaine and amphetamines are drugs that are littered around Hollywood and the world of fame. The 27 club would not be a thing if being famous solved all of life’s problems.

Celebrities Becoming Sober

With the best drugs and alcohol readily available at the click of their fingers, and fame being an isolating experience, saying no to substances can’t be easy for those in the limelight. But why is this? Well the Huff Post writes:

“Whitney Houston said that fame “made you a personality instead of a person.” Amy Winehouse’s sudden rise to fame plunged the singer into a fatal cycle of substance abuse. Most recently Ollie Murs admitted he battled with drink and depression after the pressures of fame became too much.”

This is not a rarity. Delve into the world of fame and you’ll see a plethora of individuals struggling with substance abuse. Everyone from Elton John, to Johnny Cash, to Matthew Perry. So going sober, taking back control, enjoying the highs for what they are and the lows, is difficult but essential for many celebrities. Let’s take a look at some of those who have waved the flag of sobriety.

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Which Celebrities are Sober?

Robert Downey Jr.

Few stories in Hollywood are as compelling as the resurgence of Robert Downey Jr. The talented actor, known for his roles in films like “Iron Man” and “Sherlock Holmes,” faced a well-documented battle with substance abuse in the late ’90s and early 2000s. After multiple arrests and stints in rehab, Downey Jr. made the courageous decision to get sober. His commitment to sobriety not only marked a turning point in his personal life but also paved the way for a remarkable career comeback. The actor has now been sober since 2003 and Downey Jr.’s success serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of recovery. 

Bradley Cooper

Acclaimed actor Bradley Cooper has been open about his past struggles with alcohol and painkillers. After reaching a point where he felt he was losing control, Cooper made the life-altering decision to get sober. In interviews, he has spoken candidly about how sobriety has allowed him to deepen his connection with others and approach his craft with newfound clarity. In a Star Is Born – acting alongside Lady Gaga – Cooper admitted to using his own alcoholism in the role. He has been sober for over 20 years now. Cooper’s commitment to a clean lifestyle has not only improved his personal well-being but has also undoubtedly contributed to his continued success in the entertainment industry.

Demi Lovato

Pop sensation Demi Lovato has been an outspoken advocate for mental health and sobriety. Lovato, who faced public struggles with addiction and an eating disorder, has used their platform to raise awareness about these issues. Their journey to sobriety has been marked by transparency, with the artist sharing their experiences through documentaries and interviews. Lovato’s commitment to a sober lifestyle has not only strengthened their resilience but has also inspired many of their fans facing similar challenges. The Telegraph reported in 2021:

“Demi Lovato has said they are “sober sober” now, after initially adopting a “California sober” approach that involved consuming marijuana and alcohol in moderation.”

Elton John

Sir Elton John, one of the most successful and enduring musicians of our time, battled addiction for years. This included a copious amount of cocaine. In the ’80s, he decided to confront his substance abuse issues and seek help. Since then, Elton John has been an advocate for addiction recovery and has used his influence to support various charitable endeavours. His journey to sobriety has not only saved his life but has allowed him to continue making meaningful contributions to the world of music. He has now been sober for over 30 years – which is an incredible achievement for a man that many thought may have added himself to the long list of drug-induced deceased celebrities

Jamie Lee Curtis

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has been sober for over two decades. She decided to quit drinking after realising that her alcohol use was affecting her relationships and well-being. In a recent interview with People magazine, she said:

“The 64-year-old explained that sobriety made everything “crystal and clear” for her. “I was an opiate addict, and I liked a good opiate buzz,” she shared. “And if fentanyl was available, as easily available as it is today on the street, I’d be dead.”

Curtis has been vocal about her choice to live a sober life, emphasising the importance of honesty and self-reflection in the recovery process. She also realises that she is one of the lucky ones, compared to some people who’s addiction took over their lives. 


Eminem has now been sober for 13 years. Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, is a globally recognized rap icon who has faced well-documented battles with addiction. The artist, known for his raw and introspective lyrics, openly discusses his struggles with substances in his music. Eminem’s journey to sobriety has been marked by periods of relapse and recovery (also two of his album names), making his commitment to abstinence an ongoing process. His openness about the challenges of maintaining sobriety in the face of fame and pressure contributes to a broader conversation about addiction within the music industry. At one time, he was supposedly taking around 80 valiums every night. 

Russell Brand

Whilst in this present moment Russel Brand is surrounded by controversy and legal battles, the comedian and actor Russell Brand has always been an outspoken advocate for addiction recovery. Brand, who struggled with various substances in the past, has been sober since 2003. He has since become a prominent voice in the recovery community, authoring books, delivering talks, and using his platform to destigmatize addiction and promote compassionate approaches to recovery. He is a big believer in the 12 step programme and using Wim Hoff’s ice bath methods on the road to a happier life. 

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The stories of celebrities who have chosen sobriety provide a window into the complexities of addiction and recovery, even in the glitzy world of Hollywood. These individuals have demonstrated that fame and success do not exempt anyone from the struggles of substance abuse. Money cannot buy you happiness, although it may be able to buy you a really nice recovery clinic. Nonetheless, the openness of these celebrities about their journeys contributes to reducing the stigma associated with addiction. By sharing their stories, they inspire others facing similar challenges to seek help and embark on their paths to recovery. 

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