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News Updates 6/19 – United Airlines Weed, Cannabis Less Harmful than Cigarettes, Vapes, Alcohol, & Opioids, GMP MDMA, Salmonella in Cannabis & more

United Airlines Weed
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Start your day with our News Update, where we bring you a comprehensive roundup of the latest headlines from the past 72 hours.

Start your day with our News Update, where we bring you a comprehensive roundup of the latest headlines from the past 72 hours. In this edition, we cover new research showing that Cannabis is less harmful than Cigarettes, Vapes, Alcohol and Opiods, GMP MDMA, United Airlines Weed, Salmonella in Cannabis and more.

Join us as we dive into the latest developments and insights shaping the cannabis and psychedelics industry.


United Airlines employees accused of years-long scheme selling weed stolen out of customers’ checked baggage

Two United Airlines baggage handlers have been charged by the Justice Department for participating in a scheme to steal marijuana from passengers’ checked bags and sell it. [Business Insider]

Rhode Island Cannabis Dispensaries Could Soon Be Allowed to Advertise on Billboards

Rhode Island lawmakers have passed a measure that would allow licensed cannabis dispensaries to advertise their products on billboards, potentially expanding marketing opportunities in the state. [Cannabis Business Times]

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PharmAla Biotech Receives Export Permit to Ship GMP LaNeo MDMA to the University of Sydney

PharmAla Biotech, a biotechnology company focused on novel MDXX class molecules, including MDMA, has received an export permit to ship GMP LaNeo MDMA to the University of Sydney. [BioSpace – Biotech News]

Maryland Suspends a Cookies Dispensary License After Video Shows Cannabis Smoke Shot from ‘Gun Apparatus’ into Peoples’ Mouths

The Maryland Cannabis Administration has temporarily suspended the license of a Cookies dispensary following several violations, including a video showing cannabis smoke being blown from a large gun apparatus into people’s mouths. []

Master-Chief Engineer Duo Charged of Smuggling 850 Kilograms Cocaine Worth 375 Million Dollars

Two individuals, identified as the master and chief engineer, have been charged with smuggling 850 kilograms of cocaine worth $375 million onboard a bulk carrier ship. [Marine Insight]

Cannabis Practices Foresee Business Boom as Pa. Eyes Legal Recreational Pot

The potential legalization of recreational cannabis in Pennsylvania is expected to create a business boom for local law firms and cannabis-related practices. [The Legal Intelligencer]

Medical marijuana company Better sues InterCure for $35 million

Medical marijuana company Cann Pharmaceutical, also known as Better, has filed a countersuit against InterCure and its management team seeking $35 million in damages. [MJBizDaily]

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4 Marijuana Products Recalled Due To Salmonella, Aspergillus Contamination In Arizona

Several marijuana establishments in Arizona have recalled specific edible and smokable products due to potential contamination with Salmonella and Aspergillus. [Forbes – Innovation]

Cannabis retail chain Fire & Flower to be cut from Toronto Stock Exchange

Financially distressed Canadian cannabis retail company Fire & Flower Holdings is being delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange after filing for creditor protection. [MJBizDaily]



Survey: Cannabis Less Harmful than Cigarettes, Vapes, Alcohol, & Opioids

A survey conducted by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and Morning Consult found that Americans perceive cannabis to be less harmful than cigarettes, vapes, alcohol, and opioids, but more harmful than technology. []

MDMA Changes the Brain — But Scientists Still Don’t Know Its Full Potential

MDMA, also known as ecstasy or molly, is likely to be legally approved for treating post-traumatic stress disorder by the end of 2024. The article explores the ongoing research into MDMA and its potential therapeutic benefits. [Inverse]

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White supremacist changes beliefs after taking MDMA for a study

A white supremacist’s extreme views were questioned after participating in a scientific study involving MDMA. MDMA is thought to amplify a person’s thoughts but doesn’t have a political agenda. [Hacker News]



New York Regulators Shut Down 16 Shops for Selling Cannabis Without a License Over Last Week

New York regulators have shut down 16 unlicensed businesses that were selling cannabis without the necessary licenses, imposing potential fines of up to $10,000 per day. []

NCAA Committee Recommends Removing Marijuana From Banned Drug List

The NCAA committee has recommended removing marijuana from the banned drug list and testing protocols for college athletes. The final decision could occur as early as this fall. [Forbes – Innovation]

Why the DEA is getting sued, by the DEA?

Lobbyists with links to Big Tobacco fund pro-vaping Facebook campaigns

Lobby groups with links to Big Tobacco are running “grassroots” campaigns on Facebook opposing new vaping regulations. The campaigns target UK e-cigarette users and urge them to “stand up for their rights.” [Social media]

Louisiana Legislators Pass Bill To Expunge Marijuana Conviction

Louisiana legislators have passed a bill that allows individuals with prior marijuana possession convictions to request expungement of their records within a specific time frame. [Forbes – Retail]

Judge: DC Resident Barred From Smoking Marijuana In, Outside Duplex Due to Neighbor’s Loss of the ‘Use and Enjoyment’ of Her Property

A judge ruled that a duplex resident in Washington, D.C. must stop smoking or burning marijuana in any form that emits an odor due to the impact it has on a neighbor’s health and enjoyment of her property. []

Can you smoke cannabis in your own home?

Biden to appoint Mandy Cohen to lead the CDC

Dr. Mandy Cohen, the former secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, is expected to be appointed to lead the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by President Joe Biden. [Business News]



Disposable vapes cause fires and cost taxpayer, English and Welsh councils say

English and Welsh councils state that disposable vapes, such as Elf bars, Lost Mary, and Juul, are causing fires in bin lorries and recycling issues at a significant cost to taxpayers. The recycling of single-use vapes is almost impossible, according to the Local Government Association. [The Guardian]


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