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The CBD Business Weekly Review: Cannabis Industry Corruption, Toxin-Free Strains, Irish CBD Arrest, and more

Written by Alexandra Hicks

We have a lot trending news stories from the U.S. and Europe in this week’s CBD Business Weekly Newsletter.

Let’s start with the FBI’s ominous warning of possible corruption in the cannabis industry, particularly in California. We also look at a partnership between Canada and Scotland, with the singular goal of creating safe and earth-friendly cannabis strains. Also, the recent arrest of an Irish CBD Store owner raises questions in the community. All that and more in this week’s review and newsletter. 

FEATURED STORY: FBI Fearful of Widescale Corruption Within The Cannabis Industry

cannabis corruption

The legalization of cannabis was never going to be easy after so many years of prohibition, and the FBI just announced that they’re now actively seeking tips to curtail what they fear could become a widespread public corruption scandal.

FBI Public Affairs Specialist Mollie Halpern stated, “States require licenses to grow and sell the drug—opening the possibility for public officials to become susceptible to bribes in exchange for those licenses.” This is believed to be especially prevalent in California. 

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Canadian and Scottish Firms Team Up To Create Toxin-Free Cannabis

cannabis toxins

So in a big step forward for cannabis quality control, one Canadian cannabis producer (which isn’t being named at this time) is teaming up with a Scottish testing company to begin checking for potentially dangerous toxins in their cannabis strains.

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Irish CBD Store Owner’s Impromptu Arrest Raises Vital Questions

irish cbd

Despite being legal in Ireland, one legitimate CBD business owner is currently facing arrest and possibly jail time for selling CBD. The debacle started last November when a seemingly average customer purchased some CBD flowers from one of the stores.

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Canopy Growth Expands Global Reach Despite Recent Setbacks

canopy growth

The woes of Canopy Growth continue with a write-down of $1.18 billion on its Constellation deal, following the loss of Bruce Linton and now the impending departure of his successor Mark Zekulin. Nevertheless, they’re continuing as planned with their expansion into Europe. 

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