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Is MCT Oil A Good Alternative to PG/VG in Your Vape?

mct vape
Written by Steven Bridge

There are those who claim to be “in the know” and swear by Vape Juice made with MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides.) But are they a good alternative? 

Vaping has been around for 15 years and has helped many people to kick smoking tobacco in favor of what’s called Vape Juice or E-Liquid. Until recently, Vape Liquids were only available with PG or VG or a mixture of both as the carrier for the CBD or other active ingredients inside.

This liquid usually smells of Strawberry Shortcake or Rainbow Candy and consists of four main ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Nicotine and Flavorings. For our article today, you can replace Nicotine with CBD.

Due to the demand for a vapeable solution for CBD, many companies who already extracted this compound from the hemp plant went ahead and created CBD Vape Juice. This juice is based on the same principle as E-liquid containing nicotine and contains the same carrier liquids.

PG and VG are the culprits here, and mainly the subject of our discussion. These two substances have been around for years and are even approved by the FDA. The issue is that they’re only approved on a food-grade level – as an additive or preservative in some foods – and not when they are vaporized.

These liquids, which have a consistency more like oil are derived from oil; crude oil, and that means there could be a leaching issue at play even after they’re processed. Furthermore, while they are both considered safe in small amounts when it comes to food, no one has any idea of the health effects they could have when vaped, and that applies even more to the long-term impacts.

mct vape

MCT typically comes from processed coconut oil

Those folks “in the know” who we told you about at the beginning of this post. They claim that they vape their CBD but without a trace of PG or VG in the mix. Some companies have created what are reported to be delicious vape juices made with MCT instead of PG or VG as the carrier.

MCT is thought to be much healthier than these other synthetic oil-based carriers, and it doesn’t have a bad aftertaste or leave the mouth dry. They are partially man-made fats that come from processing coconut or palm kernel oils. PG and VG may produce carcinogens as a byproduct when heated to vaporization temperatures. PG and VG are also considered precursors to formaldehyde, which can be created when vaping at higher temperatures.

On the other hand, vaping MCT is not flawless either as extended use of it can lead to a condition called lipid pneumonia. This occurs when oil from the MCT builds up inside the lungs and prevents efficient oxygen exchange. You would need to vape a boat load of MCT to run the risk of acquiring this condition, but it’s not without risks.

MCT is considered a better option than PG and VG by many people. MCT’s are known to improve glucose levels in Type II Diabetes. MCT Oil also works to control the appetite and help those who want to lose weight despite its fat content. However, these advantages – as far as we know for now – only apply to eating or drinking MCT Oil. Whether or not these health benefits carry over to vaping remains to be seen.

Many who have vaped their CBD with MCT claim the aroma is sweet and the flavor pleasing. MCT is less harsh than PG – the substance that vapers associate with “throat hit” when vaping. However, all of the carrier liquids here are processed and therefore synthetic and possibly not the best thing to inhale deeply into the lungs a few hundred times per day.

The fact that vaping is a healthier option than smoking is a foregone conclusion. There’s are bound to be more E-Liquids made from MCT’s in the not too distant future if the trend continues as it has been. With an eye to the future when the long-term effects of chronic vaping will be revealed.

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