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Israeli Police Warn Eurovision Visitors Against CBD

eurovision cbd
Written by Steven Bridge

Israel is set to make history this month as they proudly host the world-renowned Eurovision Song Contest in the Holy Land for the first time – tourists have already touched down ahead of the event but what will happen to those carrying CBD?

When it comes to CBD and Cannabis, Israel is one of the world leaders in terms of innovation and research. Israel also has a robust medical system for cannabis and CBD, and tens of thousands of patients benefit from top quality buds that are carefully cultivated in the Jewish State to treat a host of different conditions.

As well as the medical provision – which is very tightly monitored and controlled – many Israelis use cannabis recreationally, and it is sort of legal but also not. We’ll get to the specifics of possessing CBD and THC in Israel in a sec, but first, we’ll discuss the legal quagmire that exists for cannabis. Cannabis has been grown and researched in Israel since the 1960s and CBD itself was first discovered and isolated by an Israeli professor.

People who suffer from cancer symptoms, IBS, Crohn’s and similar conditions can go through a lengthy and frustrating process to get medical cannabis legally in Israel, while others stick with the medications given to them by doctors. With that said, some rumors have it that Israelis smoke more cannabis per capita relative to any other nation in the world, and that’s evident just from walking the streets of Tel Aviv on the weekend.

Eurovision cbd

Eurovision song contest stage

Cannabis is relatively easily available in Israel for tourists and locals alike. Much of it is grown outdoors in the perfect Israeli climate – ideal for growing cannabis. Furthermore, as of April 1, 2019, the law in Israel changed to make cannabis possession in small amounts a civil and not a criminal offense. Possession of up to 15 grams of cannabis won’t carry any criminal proceeding but a $300 will be issued for the first offense and a fine double that for the second.

However, regardless of the relaxed social perceptions of cannabis, it’s still possible to get in trouble for possession, even when it comes to CBD products. If a cop catches someone smoking cannabis in public, they can issue them with a $300 fine, but no criminal proceedings will be pursued.

We reached out to the Iraeli police to see what kind of enforcement one could expect. This was their reply: “The use of drugs is prohibited by law and we work according to the procedures as laid out in the law. ”

If you’re making your way to Israel for the Eurovision, or are already there enjoying the Spring sun on Tel Aviv beach, then use cannabis at your own risk. Because of the overall attitudes towards cannabis, it’s unlikely that you will get in trouble, but it is possible.

For the record, it’s possible to buy CBD Oil and other products in vape shops in Israel. And while selling CBD isn’t legal, it’s something that most people turn another blind eye to, as they pursue bigger issues in Israeli society such as teenage alcoholism and violence.

So there you have. If you’ll be visiting Israel for Eurovision, CBD products are technically prohibited, but it’s up for debate how heavily this will be enforced.

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