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Get 10% off the PhenoPen, Next Generation CBD Vape-Pen

The PhenoPen, Next Generation CBD Vape-Pen
Written by Alexandra Hicks

If you’re looking for a high-end vape pen that was created with health and scientific research in mind, then the PhenoPen should be your go-to device.

The PhenoPen was created based on extensive medical cannabis studies from Israel. It’s a device that uses only 100% pure CBD extract with no carrier oils to deliver the quality and benefits typically found only in whole hemp flower. The PhenoPen is made up of two main parts, the cartridge and the body, that work together to create a top-notch vaping experience.


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The cartridge was created with medically approved methods out of completely raw materials. It’s made up of a small ceramic heating competent that avoids direct contact with the CBD as to not burn any of the extract. It’s attached directly to a comfortable mouthpiece. Each cartridge is completely sealed and can be purchased in two sizes, 0.5ml and 1ml. The body is specially engineered for efficiency and quality. It’s a long-lasting battery pack attached to a sophisticated breath actuator used to create rapid response vaping.

Pricing: After investing less than $100 for the Starter kit bundle, that includes a PhenoPen vaping device and one 100% pure CBD extract cartridge (the use of coupon code CBDTESTERS provided you 10% discount), you will be able to buy extra cartridges for around $25 each. This is a great price since after buying the initial starter kit, you can continue purchasing refills that provide a much more superior experience than regular vape-pens for almost half of the price of the regular pen. Once you try the premium PhenoPen, you will never go back to the regular ones.

The PhenoPen, Next Generation CBD Vape-Pen

The PhenoPen, Next Generation CBD Vape-Pen

Our personal opinion? It’s one of the best vaping products we’ve tried this year. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, you can buy the PhenoPen, next-generation CBD vape-pen here.

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