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Some Of The Healthiest Ways To Take Cannabis Medicinally

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Written by Corre Addam

While the words ‘cannabis’ and ‘marijuana’ conjure up images of huge plumes of potentially toxic smoke in most people’s minds, the fact is there are many totally healthy ways to take cannabis

Even if the idea of a Snoop Dogg-style blunt, of high-grade cannabis mixed with tobacco appeals to some, it doesn’t appeal to all, and why should it? After all, there are numerous ways in which cannabis can be taken which don’t include combustion at all.

These days, with the advent of various new technologies, there is no need to combust dry flower material if one doesn’t want to, as there are currently cutting-edge extraction methods, which can take the medicinal compounds in cannabis and present them in a different form.

There are also many different ways to take CBD medication, including drops, salves, topicals, capsules, vape liquid and many more.

Let’s take a look at some of the most healthy consumption methods for medical cannabis available today:

Cannabis Oil

These days, cannabis can be consumed by vaporizing it after it has gone through an extraction process or by simply putting a few drops under the tongue. Some oils offer up to 90 percent THC levels, and this means that medical conditions can be treated properly, and with consistency when it comes to dosage amounts.

Cannabis Suppositories

It might not be the most romantic or appealing way of taking cannabis as medicine, however, many people have amazing effects from using cannabis suppositories. For starters, cannabis suppositories can deliver up to 80 percent of the active compounds in the plant and due to a much higher bioavailability from rectal administration, many people prefer to take their medicine in this form.

Cannabis Topicals

Topicals include lotions, potions, patches, creams, and sprays which are infused with active compounds from the cannabis plant. As they are absorbed through the skin, they may not be as strong in effect as other cannabis delivery methods and they offer a non-psychoactive way of taking cannabis.

Cannabis Edibles

While humans have been consuming cannabis in one form or another for thousands of years, these days edibles are available on the market which are a lot stronger than eating raw cannabis bud or leaf. Being that food is much-loved in North America, cannabis edibles can be found in infused pesto, tacos, whiskey BBQ sauce, and that’s not to mention delicious brownies.

Cannabis Juice

People in general love freshly squeezed or slow-pressed fruit and vegetable juices. From orange juice, to smoothies, to complex vegetable concoctions, by infusing your favorite morning beverage with cannabis could give you the medicine you need in another tasty and healthy form.

Cannabis Pills

Cannabis plant can be made into pills or capsules for simple consumption by swallowing, or put into handy, fixed-dose capsules. And that’s one of the main advantages of taking cannabis in this way, as you can take the exact dose, be it one, two or three pills, for the precise desired effect that you are aiming for.

Vaporizing Cannabis

This form of inhaling cannabis is one of the most popular in North America right now, and also in increasingly in Europe. Vaporizers work like an oven to heat your plant materiel to temperatures where various active cannabis compounds are released. They enter the lungs with by a convection-style or via a conduction device. Small amounts of vapor are exhaled, but nothing like the huge milky clouds which occur when cannabis is combusted.

Whichever method you choose for your medicinal cannabis, rest assured that there are now numerous ways in which this age-old plant and its medical components can be delivered for the maximum effect, with minimal-to-no negative side effects on the body.

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  • Hi Tammy, thanks for your question. It isn’t so much that CBN is more or less potent than CBD, simply it is a different compound within the cannabis plant. According to some new research, CBN has proved effective in treating, Pain, insomnia, is Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-convulsive and is an Appetite stimulant. Plenty more research is needed, however, it is suggested you try CBD first and see how it works for you, as it tested and way more widely available.

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